Thoughts/experiences on swapping from Android to Apple phones? iPhones

September 20, 2021, 10:11 pm
Thoughts/experiences on swapping from Android to Apple phones? iPhones
Thoughts/experiences on swapping from Android to Apple phones?

iPhones and Androids are all the same to me. Both will last you for absolutely years, so cost is irrelevant, and they both do the same things. If I need to do anything complex, that`s what PCs are for.

It is! I`m happy with mine and the newer version is pretty impressive!

I used to have all Apple products, made the switch to Android 3 years ago and other than Apple Music I wouldn`t go back. More flexibility with apps, better value, better battery life (Huaweii and Samsung), better camera (S21) and you are not tied down.

Wait for the Pixel 6.

Apple is more spendy, but it`s also more polished and stylish, and is a somewhat less evil company than Google, IMO. But they`re all good. There`s no need to feel you have to change unless you want to. :)

GSM Arena is THE BEST site for Comprehensive phone reviews Using it over 15 years, even phone assistants on phone told me to check it out. He sounded surprised when I told him I already did Hate the way tie u in2 using their own products

I have one of each, work and personal, and significantly prefer the iPhone....Will be swapping back from android for my personal phone too.

Never Sara. I`ve got aniPhone & I cannot get on with it at all. I wont use it I`ve had HTC`s for YEARS the display looks HD. The sound fantastic. For me, Android is user friendly, no. Can u with 1, 2c how it feels?

I love my iPhone and apple watch, but you know what? Android stuff is just as good, but slightly different. You can still WhatsApp video call your kids, that works just fine cross-platform.

Had iPhone since iPhone 4.

Ive had apple since 2006 changed once to Samsung and went back a week later.

If your kids have iPhones chose iPhone. Normal people dont use whats app it line or viper for FaceTime calls they use fzz as retime. If you have as r s MacBook it will synchronize your pics

got mine almost 6 months back & really impressed with it. Camera ain`t to shabby too. Setting are fun, there`s oh so many of them. Shake for torch, rock the wrist to get camera, etc. Definitely would get again if I break this one. Around 130 sim free. I didn`t like it tbh. Not for me. Memory card filled up quite quickly, not all the apps I wanted available. Forced only apple products on me. Many people love apple though.

You can do that using WhatsApp between Apple and Android though. I`m on my second Samsung Galaxy and 2oukd never move to anything else. I have an iPhone for work and hate it.

Apple and never go back

Formerly apple, now android. I am happier now.

Wife likes her new pixel 5. Good battery, great camera. Use WhatsApp or something instead of face time

Google pixel phones on offer atm. 5g, big battery, great camera, no bloatware as stock android.

My take is there`s not much in it but for the situation your describing I`d consider all being on the same platform a little more convenient. If you`re upgrading anyway and aren`t absolutely wedded to Android then I`d go for the iPhone.

Iphones are beautiful and so nice to use, but have a look around google re. Restrictions etc. Also no memory card slots so if you like to take pics you need to buy very expensive model to get decent capacity. But we all have diff priorities so see what you think

Will you go for the iPhone 13?

Try the Samsung buds Pro..... much better than original ones. Have a iPhone and Samsung phone. Still much prefer android to apple.

I think FaceTime for Android phones is coming soon. But I wont let that get in the way of I like my iPhone. I got my first one when they came out because I use Macs and none of the other phones would sync contacts and calendars except with Windows, and the mute switch.

You`ve already decided so why ask? And is android making you use Samsung buds??! They`ll always be your kids!

When I say kids I mean young adults, I haven`t abandoned my children

If you want good ear buds I can highly recommend Jabra and they pair well with iPhone

Don`t go Apple. You can use whatsapp and other apps to "facetime" Another vote for OnePlus great phones reasonably priced.

You do know apple airbuds ( whatever they are called ) work with android phones right? But yeah the facetime thing is a hard one to get around, can use whats app and video call but IPhones are good

In that case I think iphones are a great choice, great camera , good(ish) battery life and very likely really good resell value

One plus are a very popular phone. Once I`m finished my contract with eir I`m going buying one. Hate contract plans

Thank you all for your comments! I need a new phone and Id like to facetime my kids as I`ll be working away from home a lot and they have iphones. I had one for work a few years ago and didn`t mind it too much but didn`t use the full functionality. I also hate the Samsung buds.

I have had apple pretty much since 2014 & love it!

If you like to upload/download mp3/ stuff onto your phone than defo Android. I have a IPhone for work.I like it, but uploading or downloading is a nightmare,especially since I can`t get iTunes working,otherwise its a great phone

I used to loathe apples, never saw what the fuss was about, then got one and everything just works together far better than androids. My kids have androids, and the apple is far more intuitive and just so much easier to use. Dont think Ill ever go away from Apple now.

Apple does try to take over your life. Its insidious. But its only his way because its so much better than Android. I transitioned about 5 years ago after swearing I wouldnt. One of the best transitions Ive ever made

I have just moved over to apple and have spent the last month moaning about the bloody thing!

They`re both fine. There`s a period of adjustment as you get used to the different system but they both get the job done. I prefer iOS but I could quite happily manage on Android.

If you want simple and easy then Apple is great, a lot of people that like to tinker will say otherwise as Android is easier to do that with. I went to Apple and would never go back

I`ve just switched the other way after 6 years with Apple. Wouldn`t go back. iPhones are insanely expensive, you have to pay extra for basic accessories (in contrast my Android phone came with a cable, plug and case included) and the battery life is crappy.

Apple locks you in, and greatly reduces what you can/can`t do. To some, that`s a massive hindrance, and to others it`s a benefit. I`m in the "hindrance" camp, plus I consider Apple to be an extremely unethical company

My work phone is an iPhone, it is fine but I prefer my personal phone which is an android. It is a personal opinion which one you prefer, I find the Android less frustrating to use in general.

My son told me that Apple make The smart phone for old people. I think he meant they were easy to use.

Love my iPhone, the sound is much better.

There`s also an option on most models to use swipe up from bottom of screen as the home button, a la every iPhone since the X. They really have become very similar setups.

Ive only ever used android. Best of luck with the swap

Far easier than it used to be, Google photos on the iPhone will do most of the work but for everything else samsung smart switch can pull data from your icloud.

You thought that was going to be a simple question, didn`t you :-) fwiw, I think Apple phones are fine.

So many reasons to swap. Privacy, simplicity, consistent updates, ethical business practices, the list goes on.

Itll be difficult for a while as youre used to it but given time youll wonder how you ever managed without one. I couldnt go back to Android now. Ive had iPhones for too long.

Get a Google Pixel. It`s like an iPhone but one that`s not designed for crayon eating children

android, overall is marginally better but like anything it`s all about horses for courses. Two biggies are battery life on apple fone is really weak. android tends to be less buggy and work on a broader range of apps in a more reliable way. core apps on i-phone are very strong.

I switched back to iPhone after trying android much prefer my iPhone find it easier to use. Wouldnt swap back.

The interface on apples are outstanding, no android no matter the price will match it., But, and it`s a big but, istore, itunes etc is a right PIA as is having to spend a fortune for space because there`s no expansion option. Lovely to use but holds consumers to ransom IMO

I`ve had i things for work and hated them. The only positive thing I can say about my iPhone is that it was marginally better than the Windows phone it replaced!!

Prefer Android, swapped from Apple a while ago.

I had several iPhones years ago and I moved to android and tbh I would never go back

Iv android wouldnt change i can manage this one

I moved from Android about 6 years ago I love iPhones hate Lorraines Samsung and she hates my iPhone

Do you use anything else Apple? The work so well together.

Both make phone calls, can send/receive text messages and run the twitter app. What more do you need?

What do you currently have?

Seamlessly pair with Mac book. Would recommend. Intuitive..

I changed from Android to iPhone and absolutely hate this yoke!

Have you used an iPhone? I have one for work and really dislike it compared to android. I`d always stick with Android as there`s a much better range of devices and price points.

Nooooooooo! More expensive, not worth the money at all.

In all honesty I`ve no idea as only used an iPhone for a week while mine was being repaired. has recently gone to the dark side and can tell yoh what it`s like.

I hear it`s a wonderful experience...
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