November 23, 2021, 4:06 pm
Thoughts...I am a long time android user. I had an iPhone for work and was not a fan. Opinions?

iPhone. Im all Apple all the way.

Easy for the Government to get into Android phones I believe - Privacy is important to many People

Apple it also has good Security features - they do make one of their phones affordable

I live my iPhone but my husband hates it and uses android. We havent divorced yet

The App,e products are the easiest it is what your used to . You might be over thinking it .

Been Android since `17. No plans to go back to Apple. Had a Motorola Z. Galaxy S10 the last two years. I`m looking for my next Android Probably an updated Samsung. Any opinions what`s good? How about Google`s Pixel phone??

I love my android! I used my husbands iphone and I hated it. Plus, you have to have everything Apple. I have an hp laptop and a samsung galaxy and they connect wonderfully. I wouldn`t trade it!

Same but then my kids talked me into getting an iPhone and I love it now, just took a bit to get used to it

I`ve only ever used Androids. At my age, I don`t think my brain could handle an iPhone. My next phone is gonna be a Google Pixel 6.

I have had both and prefer the Android.

Opposite. Had Android for work. Liked it. When I retired, grandson talked me into iPhone. LOVE it. Intuitive, easy, more secure. And lasts way longer.

I prefer android myself

I have always been android. I have uploaded much of my CD collection onto my phone. No streaming and data use is needed. And it cost me nothing since I already paid for the CDs. Can you even do that on an iphone?

Im still learning to fly mine, once you do youll never go back.

I have my second Samsung and I`m very happy with it. I see no reason to fork over $1000 for a phone when an android will do all I need it to for a fraction of the cost. :)

it`s all in what you get used to first; i love my iPhone, tried the android phone, didn`t like it at all. i really tried to like the android too, got rid of it after a year of trying.

iPhone beats all others. Just my humble opinion

I do not like i-phones at all.

I will never buy anything from apple

My brain doesn`t even want me to touch an iPhone It completely makes my hand let it go.

iPhones have been both more reliable and more durable in my experience. It`s the androids that tend to have more bells and whistles. But they`re very expensive.

Same thing here. I effing HATE the iPhone I have to use for work. I don`t know how to operate the damned thing other than making calls, reading email, or texting. I have no idea how to even delete something or close the apps. It`s a joke!

Same here. I once went from Android to an iPhone then went back within a year. Then the company gave me an iPhone which I turned in within a year and went back to my Android. The graphics are better on the Droid and it just works better than an iPhone.p

Long time iPhone user, since the very first. Had to be. I WORKED at Apple and it was free! The biggest thing about iPhone is that you have to be ok with the walled garden approach to EVERYTHING. I dont mind it cuz I have enough things on my mind. I dont need another!

I think its like anything else , you have to get used to the differences. I used to have a work Blackberry until the company stopped paying for it and implemented BYOD. Didnt like the implications of using my work email on my own device so took a pass. Now Im a pro. Lol

Android always Apple

Never Apple for me. Android all the way.

Started with an iPhone but switched after a short time. This may sound stupid but one of the main reasons was I don`t need a password to get into the Playstore. Always had to log in to the App Store. Plus other features I like on the Android.

I like the apple products because youre almost guaranteed firmware updates for at least 4-5 years (or longer). Some android products are not and I have been burned once or twice. However, the apple tax IS expensive.

I had an Android at home and an iPhone for work, too. They were both fine, but I personally have stayed with Samsung.

Android user here. Also used iPhone for work - not a fan. I love my android phone.

Have always used Android not a fan of the iphone either

I anything means U pay too much !!

I have never had an iPhone because of the price, a new iPhone is over $1000 just to call and text. As for Andriod, they can be a pain in the ass, as my current one.

Android is much more customizable to the way you use your phone you have way more choices in terms of brands and styles phones...thats my OPINION

I had used Androids for ages but then I got an IPhone & I would not go back

Yes. Weve had good luck from any Apple product weve bought.

iPhone is just too proprietary. They can charge whatever they want. At least with an android phone you can get a charger at any gas station counter for $8.

Wholeheartedly agree. The only good thing about the iPhone is the camera

I enjoy my iPhone. Ive been using them for 10 years and never had any issues.

Android every day. iPhone are over-rated and too expensive.

I had an android and it was awful, often crashing. Now I have an iPhone and I love it.

Not a fan of the IPhone

Whatever works for you.

I`m totally with you. I`m an android user all the way. I, too have an iPhone for work and hate it. Too glitchy. Love my Galaxy S21.

iPhone user and love it!

Prefer android myself. Iphone too expensive and too many bells and whistles I don`t use.

Solid IPhone fan here!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!

Definitely an iPhone fan.

I`m pro-Android, at least until Abbott mandates iPhones.

I`ve had both and now have an Android because iphone are expensive.

I am the same, my whole fam is IPhone with exception of me and one son. Had iphone 8 years ago for a work phone and was "Eh"

Windows is Microsoft, Android is Google. Had Apple before but I prefer Android because then I can tweak my phone.

Same here, I am due for a new phone, but there are alot of Android options.

IPhone, I have a Mac too.

Hate I-Phone. Keeping my Android.

There`s a phone shortage so wait if you can or choices will be limited either way

I think it is tough to go from Android to iPhone. My husband complains about his iPhone constantly- I is preparing to switch back to Android

Only Apple for me... a little adjustment time but wouldn`t go back !

Happy Apple user here .

IPhone. I have had one for years. In fact I only have tired of windows crashing constantly.

iPhone gal here! Took me a while but I love it now,

Ive had IPhones since the 4. Im used to it. On 12 now, after saying no more new ones with the 8.

Apple products hate me.

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