This week on your favorite video game club: Our

February 7, 2021, 9:52 am
This week on your favorite video game club: Our
This week on your favorite video game club: Our favorite games in Early Access! Including... Subnautica: Below Zero Everspace 2 Teardown Ender Lilies Plus, we sing a song to celebrate our dear listeners.

Thank you for the recommendation of There Is No Game. Just played through it on iOS - didnt expect it to be as long as it was with as many twists and turns! Loved it from start to finish. Had a Monster At The End Of This Book vibe if you read Grover growing up

I would like to humbly submit my 5 star review to be considered for songificafion in the new recurring segment... If anyone else couldn`t listen to this episode, please dm me, I`ve spliced a version that involves Russ yelling, it being a book club but for video games, and also for good measure it has Justin saying it`s not just Pac Man anymore

Russ not yelling his intro is extremely strange. I havent read it yet, but doesnt Justin and Griffins new podcast book say Russ must yell all his intros?

No Russ screaming the intro? You gotta do what you gotta do to stay alive, but damn.

The intro with griffin pretty darn loud

What the heck is a video game club?

ah i see we dropped the book part

I`m so sad Russ can`t yell his intro. That made me laugh so much each time.

Im so sad that so many people complained about Russ that he cant yell in the beginning. Thats a classic part of The Besties.

It honestly felt so weird when DIDN`T scream his intro

when the word "club" is used to describe his podcast Thank u for your new screaming policy

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