This or That? https://t

April 25, 2022, 5:14 pm
This or That? https://t
This or That?

that is so beautiful the Samsung

Omo Samsung all the way ooo, I no fit use something wey go cast me

Gimme that i like that

Samsung all the way

If That like make he dae run errand na This I go still buy


People shouting Samsung. Give them iPhone you go see how dem go fly collect am. Make una rest and stop saying iPhone is overrated. Over millions of iPhones are being sold every September!

IPhone for sure. If you are here using any android lower that is Samsung 22 ultra. Gedifork out, you are just a hater.

I just want to be able to Call, Chat and Surf internet

Na android users full this comment section

anyone that has TH is ok

Make una chill, that better pass this lass lass

That, a zillion times and again

Samsung now and forever

What Samsung phones can do...matter of fact...Android phones in general, IPhones can`t

If theres a song titled this Ill sing it 50 times on repeat

This because its nice

Nothing wrong if I own the two

Someone said don`t let more cameras confuse you. You gerrit?

Na camera only make this popular!

This!! Anyday anytime

This and That pls can I have both

Tbh Samsung>>

Wetin be that? Abeg this

That, any day anytime

Work? I`d choose Samsung Fun? Yes iphone

Abeg gimme Samsung... I no like iphone

I swear. Very unsecured set of people

I`m choosing That a million times

But when you do need to use your phone for more on the go when you are not close to your PC like crypto and NFTs you definitely need a better technology. And Samsung is a superior technology in this case without any competition!

Im using an iPhone bro and I still wanna use a Samsung

I sold iPhone 12 pro max to buy Ultra 21 son. When you take pictures for Instagram with AI enhanced ridiculous hue with a portrait background and don`t have a life you need an iPhone.

Unah still deh compare iPhone and Samsung Even after some of iPhone`s parts are made by Samsung ?? Y`all need to rest abeg Samsung to the world

Make una no whine this oo. iOS should scare you

The broke ones are louder with iPhone 6. Person wey never use the two before Nah to reply comments!

Im moving to that

That definitely! iPhone is shiit

Abeg all of uhna shud gettout jor

99% of people saying that are twitter for android and they never had an iPhone before

at least we still fit use am make call

This and that... Sorry that and this

That Anyone wants to get it for me?

This and that abegg


If given the choice.... It`s Samsung I`d choose.

If you dey use iphone 13 and you still dey borrow money sub, my brother na android you still dey use

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat abeg

That that that that that that that, even if I born that still..

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