This is why I dislike Epic

January 16, 2021, 8:30 pm
This is why I dislike Epic
This is why I dislike Epic. If you`re a console player buying Hitman 3, you can import all your Hitman 1 & 2 levels if you`ve owned the previous games. If you`re on PC? You gotta buy Hitman 2 again on the Epic store.

They really shot themselves in the foot with this one. I`m gonna be waiting until next year when the exclusivity period is over and the game is available on Steam, as I`ve got Hitman 1 and 2 on there. Hell, might even go for the PS4 version now, own the first two there too.

What really irks me is that Hitman was advertised as 6 missions, so you got 6 full maps + 2 small tutorial maps. Hitman 2 was also advertised as 6 missions, but now the small, linear tutorial is the first of these 6 missions. Both games costed the same.

Yep, I was prepared to grab 3 assuming the reviews panned out well for it, but now? Waiting a year at least - especially with the final level apparently only having 5 levels of mastery, when they`d previously said all levels would have 20.

Hm... this is a choice though. They could just say that anyone who owns those levels on steam gets codes for them in Epic. They`re choosing not to.

It`s a shame they can`t just detect an install of the first two and load the content from there (Sonic & Knuckles or Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 style) or tie it to an IO Interactive account so you can unlock content across multiple platforms (Like Sims 2&3 did).

Love it`s all "welcome to PC gaming, here are your 16 different launchers and logins, gotta hope none of them go under and take all your purchases with `em haha, oh wait that`s 17 different launchers now."

Yeah this is very disappointing, pretty sure Epic Store didn`t even exist when I (and most other people) were purchasing hitman 2 so by default they want us to double purchase.

Ew. I don`t get it. Plenty of sequel titles just use a file scan or file upload to carry over the relevant data. Why muck it up like this when the option was out of the users` hands? :/ It`d be a point FOR them if they simply did that.

I don`t really like them either but is not more likely an issue with the publisher?

And this is why I don`t spend a penny on Epic Games Store any more. Last time I spent anything was to get the PvE side of Fortnite. That was just over a year ago now. I bought it in December 2019 and Epic have gotten worse and worse since then. Competition with Steam my arse.

I`d say this is more likely an issue with WB Games, given that Io are giving away Hitman 1 for free and slashing the price on Hitman 2 to compensate for this problem.

I literally just bought Hitman 2 on steam like last week. This announcement really stings.

Tbh I`ll pirate it and buy it in a year on steam where it can use my save data. Hopefully they`ll drop PC vr support then too because I`m not buying a psvr setup when I already have pc. Even if this is literally the kinda vr game I could dig the most.

Loved the first Hitman, didn`t get 2 yet, so I`m perfectly happy to wait for the exclusivity to be over, but it`s pretty crappy for folks who already owned the previous games on PC and wanted in on 3. Especially when so much content is time, like elusive targets.

The Epic Store, subsidising Steam Store Sales since 2018.

I agree, but Eidos/Square Enix also has to take some of the blame for choosing to not allow players to import from Steam. I don`t think that this is just a contractual thing with Epic to make this happen.

The solution for Hitman 1 isn`t much better. If you preorder you get all the content + GOTY stuff free. The giveaway last year was only the base content. So if you don`t preorder you have to pay extra to upgrade to the full package for Hitman 1, even with the giveaway.

I don`t understand why hitman cant just find the files in the steam directory? Elder Scrolls mods and 3rd party apps for mods do so all the time without needing anything special??? Just point to a directory and go? Am I missing something??

On the one hand, I already have Hitman 2 and can just play Hitman 1 & 2 levels in Hitman 2. On the other, it still *feels* like I`m paying for less than half of the game and that`s definitely hurting its prospects.

Oh, so when this EVENTUALLY comes to Steam the maos from Hitman 2 will probably carry over

Damn, I was really looking forward to trying it in VR but might have to give it a miss if they don`t sort something out for that.

So the Epic Store version is inherently an inferior product. Way to shoot themselves in the foot

Weeeelp. Looks like Im waiting a year for it. If its indefinite Ill probably just pass or wait for a steep steep discount.

I love that Steam has competition, I just wish it`d compete by offering a better service rather than by having a bigger wallet

And is Hitman even on Epic

Thats good to know, I was wondering if they were going to do the old levels thing again. Sucks for the PC players, though. Corporate greed knows no bounds.

Oh, that stinks, especially since you couldnt have started there from the outset on PC.

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