This is Signal on iPhone 6s, iOS 14

January 14, 2021, 1:28 pm
This is Signal on iPhone 6s, iOS 14
This is Signal on iPhone 6s, iOS 14.3. App allows search in the phone`s native sticker pack. Search is a available directly at the keyboard level in Android and is independent of apps.

Gboard for Android Go devices

Masterclass curriculum

Isn`t the magnifying glass icon on the left for keyword search? Just kinda hard to find because it defaults to recently used and everything else is to the right

Don`t forget to throw away the key so they can sit there forever, thinking about what they`ve done.

Throw your phone in the ocean

Wonder if “no search” has some privacy benefits. But really!? Of all the apps. What hornet`s nest of an app is THAT!?

Clapping hands

I made an iOS emoji keyboard years + years ago before they were native and common, but wasn`t allowed to ship due to ... reasons it`s why I loved so early on because it me search emoji by keyword. It`s the only way.

Any rocket hope for people on android...?

you seem great because of Emoji Opinions™

There`s a search icon on the top left. What does that do?..

Gonna tell my kids this is Parler

And do NOT collect $200

This would also seem like an accessibility fail

I`m still upset about keyboard tbh

It`s a bane...then I realized the world has bigger problems

impeachable offense
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