This is an entirely misleading headline

October 17, 2021, 3:30 pm
This is an entirely misleading headline
This is an entirely misleading headline. Any decently informed reader would read it as apple has tripled its market share of the mobile app ads business. Its not. ht /1

Another title Apple plugged ad holes that Facebook used to glean data. Just because theres milk bottles on your neighbors porch, doesnt mean you can take a drink.

Just bothers me to see Apple parlaying this into a white knight brand position

Agreed privacy & antitrust are not *inherently* at odds. Buy in practice its a tightrope walk and ad platforms use privacy as a pretense to raise their garden walls. Same tension visible with Googles privacy sandbox. unroll

The market for app advertising is large and fast-growing. AppsFlyer, another analysis company, estimates that marketing spending on mobile apps for both iPhones and Android phones was $58bn in 2019 and would double to $118bn by next year. -from high up in article.

Nice catch and clarification

A good thread Jason & much appreciated. Context has perhaps been overblown but I do think its healthy to point out that Apple is receiving direct monetary benefit and harming competitors with this policy. The conflict of interest was immediately clear and remains so.

More importantly, it misses the main point by failing to point out that Apple blocked targeting based on 3rd-party non-permissioned (creepy) tracking which created more demand for contextual and first-party to fill the void. Less carcinogenic more organic is *good* news.

This chart also doesn`t necessarily mean FB saw a big dropoff in revenue or installs - may also be just that installs through FB are just missing attribution post-change: tracking becomes limited due to tech iOS privacy improvements (iOS), CPRA (privacy laws), contextual ads targeted within context of users intentional interactions will benefit. So yes app install ads within App Store see benefit. But that needs careful explanation. /9

Please fix it here is the prior thread. Again, apple more than any company cut out tracking (of companies are breaking rules then apple damn better enforce). This hurts FBs entire business (surveillance advertising) on its most valued platform (iOS). /8

Facebook is absolutely desperate to get a national regulator to open up a case against apple and somehow reverse apples improvements to privacy that restrict surveillance advertising. They will absolutely be using this misleading report to influence France and US regulators. /7

Reporting on this stuff is hard. There is incredibly limited data. Not suggesting ill-intent but also flagging the headline and narrative from the report very much leaves a taste of apples taking over mobile advertising with its privacy improvements which it very much isnt. /6

Hate to have to point this out, as I recall doing this with same reporter when Facebook was pushing its anti-apple narrative in q1 as facebook ultimately failed to stop apples privacy improvements. Ill find it. Assuming same sources on this. /5

Facebook, others (all affected by the changes) have said apple doesnt follow its own privacy rules which is really hard to believe of course love to see this evidence. Im shocked this anonymous quote would just float the charge without any backup at all. /4 is facebook was negatively impacted by apples improvements to privacy because they can no longer track users across apps. Facebook gets a majority of its data from when people use other companys services so its a BFD. Well find out how big at earnings next week. /3

What it actually is. Its regarding share of ads *promoting apps* which is an enormously smaller market than ads that run on mobile apps. I would also point out its from projection data from clickstreams from analytics companies who are also impacted. /2

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