This is a common misconception: that ATT only applies

October 19, 2021, 2:48 am
This is a common misconception: that ATT only applies
This is a common misconception: that ATT only applies to app installs. ATT applies to all of mobile advertising. This graph only depicts app install spend (ASA only traffics in app installs), but ad spend is down considerably for the mobile web.

Its at least as much about value destruction of others as it is value creation for itself

I wasnt talking about the article so that might be why youre confused.

Weve been saying this at Kargo for years. If you look at any programmatic campaign it often has hit less than 5-10% of iOS impressions, or less. Totally insane considering the iPhone is 1 phone in US and mobile web time spent is larger than any of the apps.

you had me up till this sentence this assumes "precision targeting" was what drove app adoption (instead of kids telling their friends to get this cool game they are playing) what do you mean "but ad spend is down considerably for the mobile web" (do you mean ad spend continued to shift to mobile apps?)

Since adtech, VC, surveillance bros seem to get taken at their word on market effects, Ill just lob in here mobile advertising $ for premium pubs was up 70% last quarter vs prior year. But yall keep extrapolating based on narrow proxies. We are witnessing the free market create a player so dominant that they are able create a sub-state that practices command-and-control. As more and more economic activity shifts to the phone (eg ClassPass during pandemic), the potential harm to total prosperity increases.

In order to regain editorial control of the top app download charts, they are in the process also making all discovery command-and-control, not just of the top apps, but all the way down to every direct response selling you hip new shoes.

Internet advertising has genuinely created enormous amounts of net wealth for society. The fact that one decision by one company can harm so many businesses across entire spectrum of the economy makes this THE subject most worthy of congresss attention.

Do you really fully believe in this data cited by FT from Branch? Can they be representative for whole app install market? Can we trust SKAD attribution vs ASA attribution.Maybe there is a bias because of apps which have more brand search?

Fantastic! Thanks for giving it a read, and for all the great content you put out about this

Yes I got some of my views on what is happening from you!

@matthewstoller I also propose a theory for Apple`s motivations for ATT in this podcast with I know it applies to a lot more than app installs. Apples ad business is in app installs. Im making a narrow point about just what Apple is monopolizing. How to structure the overall mobile ad market is a different question.

So do you think the Facebook 7 percent impact on revenue was too low now that data is coming in?

Seeing it everywhere too! I guess the genius of ATT is how Apple made it seem like it was just a move to protect users inside of the App Store. Like, why would Facebook complain about it? They must be extra evil.

Many people think it applies to facebook and not to tiktok

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