Thinking of getting a new phone now that my

July 9, 2021, 7:01 am
Thinking of getting a new phone now that my
Thinking of getting a new phone now that my 2.5 year-old Samsung S9+ is starting to show signs of wear. Do I stick with Samsung and get one of their newer offerings or plump for an iPhone? As a bit of a technophobe I`m a tad nervous about straying from Android. Ideas welcome!

Android all the way. I`ve had iOS & Android. Had Apple & Samsung products & have loved things about all of them. However I`ve been using the Pixel phones from Google & you can`t beat what these can do for the price.

Stick with Samsung. I know iPhone people who don`t wanna get new iPhones...

Oneplus. Best Android phones out there Lloyd...

Wait until Sept when Apple will announce their new phone.

I just got an Asus Zenfone 7 Pro and I love it! Best selfie camera on the market.

I have the S10 and love it. Mark has the S20 Note Ultra. Stay with Samsung!

Android is a convoluted mess. So many makes and models from a plethora of OEMs each running a variety of point updates spanning multiple major Android software releases; many of which with their own skins and bloatware apps, which plague the already questionable Android

Went from Samsung S9 to Note 20. Very reliable phone, the stylus is handy too.

I love the the Pixel one of phones. Infact, I had the Pixel 3 and then upgraded to the Pixel 5 because I loved my first Pixel.

Every time I`m about to buy a Samsung I check on if there`s an LG for the same price. And there always is, and the specs are usually quite a bit better. The last 5 phones I`ve bought in the family have been LG and they`ve always been good quality.

I had the Samsung S20 and found that the camera wouldnt focus on close up items, and that it is apparently something that Samsung was aware of and did nothing about. I switched to Apple iPhone 12 Pro and this camera is perfect Also LiDAR!

My S20 has been totally flawless for a year now. You can`t go wrong sticking to the top Samsung models if you got the budget.

Android! Stick with Android! iPhone is a cult

I love my KYOCERA Brigadier II it`s the same phone the military uses so it`s water/dust proof, shatter proof screen ECT.

I prefer Pixel for a better Android experience without the Samsung bloat that I never use.

Stay with Samsung

The S21 is a gorgeous phone. Great camera. I love Samsung

Pixel 3A is what I have, it`s my second Google Pixel, and my wife has also had 2, she had 2 and currently has the 4. Best phones we`ve had.

Ive always used apple. The thought of Android scares me. Lol.

I really like my Xiaomi, it was not expensive at the time I brought it, I have it for almost 3 years, still works very well, I think I`ll still keep it for a while. I have other Xiamoi products that are very well made.

You cant beat the beauty of iPhones hardware and the slick OS. Plus, at this point it can do basically everything an android can.

I couldn`t hate my samsung s9 anymore. never samsung again for me. just sayin`. Huawei next time.

Samsung ZFold2. I love mine.

I heard of a man named Lloyd, who at times became somewhat annoyed, An iPhone obtained, heard him often complained, Why did I ditch my trustworthy Android.

AlsoI have both. Because thats what hackers do. I do not discriminate when trying to break things.

I recently upgraded to the S21 from a Note 20. it`s been great. Quality remains consistent.

My wife went from Android to IPhone last year. Only issue in the porting of data was WhatsApp? All contacts had to be reinputed manually. By me. It took ages

With Apple you get less choice & control but better security out of the box. You can adjust Android/google security settings but this will reduce functionality considering googles business model relies heavily on user data. Watch out for 3rd party apps with android.

Samsung. Every. Time.

I got a Google Pixel (currently on the 3A) and never looked back. There is nothing better than taking a phone out of the box with minimal bloatware.

Agree with , really enjoying the Pixel line!

Stick with Samsung. Galaxy S21 is awesome.

I still have my s8, i aint getting a new one till my completely craps out. i have no desire for apple products if your battle against cults and wasing into the tumultuous debate between theist and atheist philosophies was dangerous territory, it might pale in comparison to the Apple/Android debate. That said...Android. ;-)

I just switched from the S10+ to iPhone 12 Pro and its not a huge difference like it was a few years ago. I like both but this camera is pretty gorgeous! And Im just obsessed with how it links to my iPad

I left iPhone for Android and very happy for it. I find iOS too limiting and don`t like Apple`s closed ecosystem. Samsung can be a tad heavy on bloatware though, so I prefer Google`s vanilla Pixel line. I`m still sitting with a Pixel 2 and holding out for the Pixel 6 in the fall!

Stick with Android!! You can`t keep an iPhone for longer than a year without losing features an apps. Their way to make u upgrade I guess!! Samsung is the best and easier to interface with other devices!!

My brother is a happy Android user, I am a happy iPhone user. I think it boils down to what you are use to. If you are happy with your experience I would stick with what you have.

Never ever an iPhone! Have to use it professionally and find it very bad. Can`t do a lot of things that Android can of course. Maybe a Nokia smartphone or another with Stock Android. I am very happy with it!

I`m sticking to my Samsung phones Don`t say iPhones are bad, not at all, but I find Samsung reliable and customer friendly.

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