Thinking of changing from Samsung android to apple help

October 13, 2021, 8:09 pm
Thinking of changing from Samsung android to apple help
Thinking of changing from Samsung android to apple help me out ppl

Get an iPhone. Far superior build quality, dead easy to use and everyone with an android phone hates you for no good reason at all

Do it! IPhone is better than most android devices.

Don`t do it, you will regret it

Yep. I use both. Apple far better

Im with Jason on this one! Apple for me, I changed from android about 10 years ago and been happy with Apple.

Apple all day long..Ive tried android and difference is night n day is much much easier and better

Yes let`s all get apple products your choice bud Sent from my Android Apple all day mate. Got a works Samsung and android is pants compared to apple

You can`t fart using an iPhone without it costing you money

Been an iPhone user for 10+ years - experience of Android has been work related ones & disappointing - much prefer Apple, find them much easier to use. Lots of people tell me Samsung etc are better but never met anyone who felt the need to justify iPhone ownership.

I did it the other way. Would never have apple again.

I`ve got some Bluetooth ones :) but also use corded ones where possible

Apple are a rip off. You have to buy everything from them. Then they make updates that slow your phone over time so you have to get a new one. We`ve an iPad,it`s now stopped allowing Nowtv to be updated

I have s21 ultra. Awesome, never going back to Apple

OK first you need to make sure you have an appointment with a psychiatrist. Then if the desire persists there are support groups to help.

I did it and regret it. Only reason was because my wife did not use WhatsApp, and this way I can iMessage her. Camera is way better on the Samsung, as is the display, and little things like geo-fencing (keeping my phone unlocked in the car)

I did the opposite because of apples hardware limitations ie you have to use their headphones and no micro sd cards.

I did it, twas worth it

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