Thinking about switching from Pixel/Google ecosystem stuff to iPhone/Apple

June 27, 2021, 10:49 pm
Thinking about switching from Pixel/Google ecosystem stuff to iPhone/Apple
Thinking about switching from Pixel/Google ecosystem stuff to iPhone/Apple ecosystem stuff. Tell me why I shouldn`t.

I moved from iOS to Android after several years of use, but I had to go back because the intrusive ecosystem Android was. In just 3 weeks Ive been receiving a lot of notifications based on what Ive been saying, where Ive been and done. iOS at least let u block some of that now

I`m literally switching off of Apple`s ecosystem for every device. I couldn`t possibly put all of my grievances in one tweet. Let`s just say I`m tired of malfunctions with iPads and MacBooks on my kids` devices.

I want to do the same. Keep using the google services + apple hardware. But waiting for the next iPhone. It should be better (120hz refresh rate, fingerprint-reader).

I switched a little while back, and I havent felt much difference between Android/iPhone. Found it an easy transition, without too much con or benefit.

Im breaking up with Google. I ordered a Helm personal server and will be taking control of my own email and calendar very soon.

IDK if its the same on Android, but because of Apples 30% racket, most iOS apps dont let you buy things through the app. So for audiobooks, I have to open Audibles busted mobile website to buy a new book.

Assistant is amazing. Siri needs to be removed.

You definitely should. I resisted for a long time. Its a better ecosystem. The phone hardware and software is just plain better. Ive not regretted the switch in any way.

Purely from a web dev standpoint, all browsers on iOS use the same browser engine, and it doesn`t have support for PWAs, and with Apple fighting hard for the app store, this is unlikely to change

Use both everyday. Google is the single source of truth. iOS phots are backups to Google Photos Phone is about & . Pixel pics natural, iPhone pop. I call on Pixel only. Hotspot faster. Some apps only iOS. Can`t see iCloud on Pixel nothing Google is hidden from the iphone.

Because there is Librem 5.

IPhone is expensive to fix

Only my laptops are Apple, my phone is android, tablets are various other ones and I have a PC (love my PC)

Honestly, you should. I did. Because of iMessage. Almost everything else will be worse. But iMessage is the key.

I did this last year! And do *not* recommend this - I`ll be swapping back to Pixel next year. When you see people wax about how clean the Apple UI is, chances are most haven`t used a Pixel device as a daily driver.

Why switch to a 5 stars hotel with its own rules when you could camping and have dinner whenever you want

Vendor lock-in. As a developer I don`t like having to forced into silos

Why you shouldn`t?! Because google wont be able to spy you on every move, search, or picture from your phone. You ditched chrome, just missing to ditch the phone. Do it!

Also in case you weren`t aware, most of the stock iOS apps (Calendar, Mail, etc.) support Google services and there are also official apps for most Google services on iOS. Migrating from Android is pretty straightforward, there`s even an official app that automates it.

I switched to Apple ecosystem from Google Pixels, but still use Gmail and Google Assistant. iPhone 12 Pro Max is great. 2019 MBP is great. Highly recommend making the switch just for the protection of privacy alone with Apple.

I have 12. 60 fps cant download music and files Notifications list works very strange. Sometimes it shows the delete all button, sometimes it doesnt safari uses 25 gb of storage and cache cleaning doesnt help widgets are useless apps crash sometimes

This conversation really brings out the Actuallys

Google Pixel screen calling... Can`t imagine using a phone without it.

Walled gardens are no place to play.

I did - its great. Come join us

One companies profit motive is tracking your data, the others is keeping you in a very nice walled garden. Theyre both anti-consumer, just in different ways. I guess the question is which profit motive results in a better UX, which is subjective.

the battery lasts longer on Pixel phones compared to iPhones

Simple yet important: with android you can transfer data with cable to/from any computer. With apple you need iTunes. This is a hassle if you have like 2 pc computers at home and realize you need in one a file available only in the other.

Youll get stuck on it. They make it really difficult to exit once youre in it.

Apparently no t9 dailing on iPhone

You shouldnt if you dont want your stuff to just work, and be mostly out of your way. For instance, if you hate the idea of copying something on your iPhone and pasting it straight away on your laptop, then you certainly shouldnt make the move.

I`m exactly in the same place as you, I recently tweeted about it: But basically, I can`t trust Google any longer -_-

For what parts of the eco system exactly? Thought you used your Synology NAS for photos etc? Genuinely curious. I am an on the fence person with this as it all depends on what fits your needs best.

Siri is not great compared to google assistant. I`m stuck on iOS because the apple watch is just vastly better than any android alternatives for fitness/sleep tracking though

Nearly all Google apps work in browsers. Apple apps rarely do.

Apple provides a great (best?) user experience. It`s much easier to help my family and older parents use apple devices. The lock-in is real though.

Sometimes it can be frustrating because Apple is rarely first to market with something. But on the other hand it is usually much more polished. Stuff is more expensive than it could be, but service is usually really excellent. Your on a MBP for dev right? iMessage on it is nice.

If you like voice controls, google assistant is much better than Siri. Also screen calls on the Pixel are awesome.

iCloud storage alerts are annoying AF, camera software not nearly as good (Ultimately the ecosystem benefits won out for me but I miss the pixel)

I`ve always been a fan of android and google, but a month ago I switched to iphone and the entire apple ecosystem and I must say that it works really well, it`s hard to do without it after trying it. My two cents: switch!

With Apple you`re locking yourself into a walled garden and strengthen a monopolist.

If you have money to keep on it, move on

There is no way back

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