They fixed my original PS5 finally, after a month,

July 21, 2021, 9:43 pm
They fixed my original PS5 finally, after a month,
They fixed my original PS5 finally, after a month, but returned it with scuff marks and dirty hand smudges. I can replace the panels but this level of care doesnt give me much hope it will run properly. Come on,

This tweet makes me upset. I`m sorry to hear about your experience. I`ll think I will continue to wait before I decide on a PS5.

Really? Send this Man new panels!!!!!!

This happened to a friend of mine. He got his back with a sizeable chip in it as though it had been dropped

Ill take it if you dont want it.

Well, luckily these aren`t rare or expensive so there`s that at least.

My friend works at a store that gets in shipments every two days or so. I could get you one but they are more expensive in Canada

I tried sending every link I could

Fair point

Oof, I`d be fuming! Time to paint those side panels!

How many times did I find you another ???

Thats disgusting Id demand a new one boxed sealed & compo

I sent it to sony technical service. They changed it for a new one :(

What happened to it that, Needed fixing??

They dropped your playstation.

I spray painted mine That`s why I`m losing faith in I feel like they don`t care about their players` requests, especially when it comes to technical maintenance. Honestly, the panels should`ve came in black.

Ngl, this would really piss me off. They should have just given you a new one.

Completely disrespectful smh I would definitely follow up with customer care about getting it replaced or something

I would be devastated if this is how they returned my PS5

Hate to see this. When I sent my PS5 back in March to get fixed it only took them about a total of 3 days before they sent it back.

I painted my White plates black. What was wrong with it to begin with?

So far I`ve had two ps5s and BOTH came with what looks like smudges or scuff marks smfh

Hey man, if they dont help out, id gladly send my plates. I swapped them for black, they currently have ghost of tsushima on them but it can be removed this kinda shit makes me think sony really dont give 2 about their loyal customers. they couldnt care less. at least microsoft give you that family feeling, your buying into a family and community that looks after its loyal customers. sony feel so out of touch with their fanbase

Send him new plates Same here

Good that`s what u get


Hope its working better now!!! That type of care and attention is very poor indeed, they need to do better!!!!

Doesn`t look that bad to me, but I guess I don`t mind a few smudges.

Was excited to get a PS5 to have them start me on a new generation since Xbox started my last one, then switched, but with all this, plus the issues, it`s just a lot. Hope they get everything controlled and they recover. But so far, looking to maybe flip back.

That is shockingly bad to return a console dirty and damaged. Bad form Wow. Thats just terrible.

I remember someone said on stream that if they get same one back, they will make a certain video that could go viral

Not good

Something like this paints all of Sony because of one lazy employee.. damn hope my PS5 doesn`t need repair

Big yikes, my dude

feels like it`s just common sense for the repair house to use a mat to prevent something so simple as scuffs.

That`s a disgusting repair job, you expect your unit to come back looking brand new, I`d email them with photos and complain, no excuse for shoddy work like that

That`s unacceptable in my eyes. They need to replace the plates.

Looks like it fell behind the shelf. Probably why they had it for so long.

Had no trouble getting mine repaired. Glad I didn`t have similar problems.

They changed mine thankfully

So unprofessional. would just replace it at no extra cost

Wow they couldnt even wipe it down afterwards

Wow thats awful. For all you know it was dropped.

Brian seriously i would send it back and ask to be compensated as well Sonys customer service team should be ashamed sending ur PlayStation 5 back in that state shambles

Does it work???

That`s unacceptable they need to replace the damaged panels

Wow! That sucks. Youve really had some bad luck with your system! But hopefully the issues are resolved!

Oh good grief. Here`s hoping it works at least. Really thought they`d just send you a new/refurb one with all the issues it had.

Ill be following your updates. Godspeed

Im a fan of your channel and twitter, but I would recommend Get rid of those horrible white faceplates and get some dark plates.

This is exactly how mine looked when they sent it back the third time. Fortunately it did work that time though.

Yo bruh

Oof. Not a good look for sending in a unit for repair.

Damn. Does it work?

Does it works better atleast thats all that matters

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