There Was A Time When We All Used Our

July 12, 2022, 10:58 am
There Was A Time When We All Used Our
There Was A Time When We All Used Our Favorite Song As Our Ringtone But Iphone Users Changed EverythingFunny Enough Some Andriod Users Also Fake Their Ringtones Too Just To Feel Among

Not me bro cos Jae 5 Dimension still my ringtone

Some people still do


Lol Y`all have ringtones?

Lord knows i miss those days,one of my good friends was because we had the same song as our ringtone

Like seriously

Na true sha


Happiness is free

Some with Nokia 3310 just to impress girls

And Iphone is overrated o.......clowns


e no concern u, i dey use android but i get iphone ringtone

This generation braga

Just imagine

This your English dey give me headache

Asin eh. Weve outgrown that stuff

This life......

Android user go dey alright

I have an IPhone for my calls and official mails, a Samsung for social media fun but, I love putting my phones on vibration without ringing. I hate when my phone rings it attract the attention of everybody towards me, but I get the tweet

Can never be me. Anxiety by Coi Leray is my current ringtone.

I miss those days

on a nutshell we all faking it

What is this

I use father father as my ringtone

Funnily enough i never did it

Well, the ringtone wasn`t made for iPhone alone, it was just made by Apple

This is my fathers sub. Funny How The Iphone Trademark Ringtone Changed Everything Lol.

If You dont Get The Tweet.. Check The Comment Section

It`s not a follow train

How do you fake a ringtone. If it rings it rings if it doesn`t it doesn`t lol. What

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