There are really only three reasons why I`m using

July 8, 2021, 3:59 pm
There are really only three reasons why I`m using
There are really only three reasons why Im using an iPhone as my daily driver right now: 1) iMessage 2) AirDrop 3) Apple Watch What are yours?

1) Reliable 2) Easy to use 3) No hidden toggles, that turns ON automatically without user consent as in Android OS

The ecosystem and focus on privacy/security for me.

Ecosystem, ecosystem, ecosystem. Everything works so well together it`s hard for anything else to replecat it. I switch off month to month Android/IOS and find my self pulling more towards IOS more and more now.

I will never give apple money, the offer me nothing that I can`t easily get elsewhere and they tie you down if buy into their stuff.

All they abovealso, almost a decade of support and security updates. I switch over to iOS 2 years ago and I will never look back.

Continuity Apple Watch iMessage

iCloud Apple Watch Apps work better on iOS.

1) smoothness after years if usage 2) apps quality compared to android(most of them not all) 3) apple long update history 4) cameras consistency 4) software and gestures consistency 5) availability of vast easy to get accessories

Apple Watch, iMessage, and Apple Fitness+

1) Video 2) long Software update support 3) iOS

None. Will be switching to Android when Pixel 6 comes out. Although I will miss CarPlay.

I got an iphone but can care less about those, I just like using both operating systems but my Samsung is my daily driver

Main reason I don`t use an iPhone is simply because Android is superior and things like iMessage are designed to do two things. 1) Trap you in yhe walled garden 2) Make become prejudice of non-iOS by the use of green bubbles for text.

No reason for me. iMessage, Airdrop, Apple watch, none of those are enough to make me want to use an inferior phone. Inferior for me, not everyone.

The ecosystem. But mostly I enjoy the user experience of iOS. How it flows, the smoothness of it & the little things in the OS that just make it a joy. Im not using an iPhone because Im forced to, I have no problem switching. I use it because I like & enjoy it. Also mini is

1. Continuity 2. iOS 3. Apple Watch 4. Airpods 5. Airdrop And the list could go on

Don`t have an iPhone

iMessage. Thats all. Even the camera is subpar for me lately.

iOS - Ecosystem - Privacy- Value - Not Android - iPad - Apple Watch -

1. iMessage 2. Cameras 3. Walled garden I have good friends that I avoid texting because of their green bubbles, and they are Ok with it!! LL

Non. Sold my 12 pro max. Haven`t been happier.

Same, actually. Makes things easy, especially when shooting footage on iPhones.

no between devices. like how information is shared between mac and iphone

1. Apple ecosystem 2. I love apple 3. I cant use android

1. Screen Time features with Kids 2. Shortcuts 3. iMessage 4. Privacy / Apple Pay / Security 5. iCloud + Integration with Mac, iPad 6. HomeKit 7. AirDrop 8. Apple Watch

Video, Twitter notifications as well. I get unlimited on Twitter with iPhone but android its awful.

1. Ease of use 2. iCloud 3. iMessage

I have never used a camera in another smartphone that I thought was as good. Most phones (Google pixel) over process and give the Instagram look, rather than a more natural professional look IMO.

none - I`ve never been a part of the ecosystem

Yup. That about sums it up. Apple Watch could be higher though

Fortunately I was never in it entirely. I will get another iPhone in future I`m sure.

1) iMessage 2)Apple watch 3) AirPods Pro

Same 3 here as well.

Thats about the same plus AirPods. I dont use iMessage much cuz I have no friends.

Those and these - convenience, continuity across devices, ease of use, security, and so much more. Will never switch.

I just sold my iPhone but I`ve never used those things at all in 18 months.

does continuity count

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