the yearly Android user makes fun of new iPhone

September 15, 2021, 3:54 am
the yearly Android user makes fun of new iPhone
the yearly Android user makes fun of new iPhone starter pack

iPhone X : $999 iPhone XS : $999 iPhone 11 Pro : $999 iPhone 12 Pro : $999 iPhone 13 Pro : $999 Not to forget, the base storage increased from 64 GB to 128 GB with zero increase in price

This guy is the true Apple ship


and yet you keep getting annoyed...

This memes are true thoughexcept the last one

*ends up copying it 6 months later*

Where`s the lie though?

I won`t make memes about Android vs iPhone but paying 500$ extra for iphone 13 pro in India just sucks big time

They really get on your nerves huh? You always calling them out. Lol.

People needing to feel intellectually superior. It happens by both sets of fans. I like what I like and will buy what I buy. I dont follow tech to see what people write about it, I follow it to see and learn about new products. My LEAST favourite part is the comments.

are you gonna bend it or not?

Still getting a 13 pro max tho

I am an iPhone user who upgrades every year I mean you can say the same thing for samsung these days

You know youll review the new Samsung and OnePlus when they drop

As a user of both, I just laugh because theres always some truth to both sides. The memes are funny

Just one thing... no price increase this year or the last one, please improve your jokes to be more accurate :)

Also Android user: cries in no software updates I would know

120 hz is the biggest innovation for me since iPhone X

Well they practically don`t lie

How is this any different than android devices lol

It`s the same old dish with some extra sauce on a new plate

Faster, but in reality you cant tell. Better camera, but your average Joe wont use it, better battery, time will tell. Tim Cook says he cant wait to see what people do with it most will browse the web, social media, take pics, send texts and occasionally make calls.

I think someone is mad ..Love this

They are memes. They are for fun. Im not an Android user and I still share them even if I buy a new iPhone because they are funny.

But this year isnt it with the same price?

Not realizing (or acknowledging) that Samsung does the same thing.

The Android fanboy thing has to be a spook, so any people sucking off google and expressing fierce loyalty to a platform, smugging off about which $800 phone is better. Please stop yall

Heh incomprehensible!

Higher price ? I dont think so

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