The world has put you in charge of deleting

November 23, 2021, 9:10 pm
The world has put you in charge of deleting
The world has put you in charge of deleting one company. Which one could be removed with the least amount of impact?

Exactly my train of thought. I voted for Apple. Not because I dislike them or anything, theyre just the most replaceable imho.

Least impact today? Clearly Tesla. That doesnt mean its the right choice or what I prefer. Its much earlier in its life cycle and less adopted BY FAR = least amount of disruption. AMZN/GOOGL gone = internet down, AAPL gone = 1/3+ of the world cant access internet easily.

Nooooo! none of those!

Apple is convenience, not necessity. IMO.

Have bought from Amazon once or twice in my life so dont need it. Have an Apple laptop from 2012 + my iPhone X and it just works. Meanwhile friends and colleagues with Android switch every 2nd year because it turns into rubbish. What a waste of ressources

Google is doing the most harm, but would we even notice if Amazon disappeared?

not a fan of apple not until their M1 products. Their M1 chips shows how much Intel milked the industry and lagged. Apple also feels in a great position vs FB in metaverse/Vr/Ar hardware

Yeah cuz any single social media you take away, another will VERY QUIKELY take over that market share.

Have been using for search and havent used a Google account in years. Google was easily replaced in my life.

Why not Facebook?

Gotta be apple or Google. They`re doing similar things, do the other would prob be quick to fill the gap. Amazon is basically part of the infrastructure of the internet now, and if Tesla disappeared, suddenly Mary Barra would change target EV year to 3035

What do you mean impact - am I in charge or not?

Amazon. You cant just destroy my phone

Quite simple, 100% apple. They aren`t really the backbone of anything other than 20% of people`s phone choice. Losing AWS, Google services, or Tesla`s push for Autonomy would be a huge loss.

Apple is almost completely irrelevant. Not saying it`s products are not good, but 99.9% of the world wouldn`t be affected by it going away. It`s products are highly substitutable for similar options

Of that list? Tesla. The number of consumers of the others are orders of magnitude larger than Tesla, and are much more crucial to the infrastructure.

Wow the Apple haters

Picked Amazon. Didn`t really use it till the pandemic.

Keep in mind the boomer I am : never had ANY apple product and live very well. Can`t live without Tesla, Google and in a lesser manner Amazon.

Microsoft, Google, Oracle and others all offer services directly equivalent to AWS. There are unique features that AWS has which may cause some level of vendor lock-in, but ultimately, if it became necessary, pretty much everyone would be able to move to an alternative host.

The united states government relies on aws. Love tesla but for now, tesla is the answer. In the future that wont be true

No one can match Apples ecosystem though which I heavily rely on. Not to mention the shit show that is Android and Windows software. Id gladly use Bing or Yahoo over Google if I had to.

I am humbled, when was this decision made?

Why Facebook aint on the list? you are paid off.

I don`t own Apple anything so my choice is purely selfish. Right now if Tesla disappeared, it would affect the least number of people versus the others on your list, but it would be horrible for the Earth. And me.

there`s no Apple product the world can`t live without Right now, same is true for Tesla, but that won`t be the case by 2025

you can get the same service from Google or Microsoft Azure doesn`t perform so well, but google is competitive

Google docs, mail, YouTube, cloud more then just a search engine to replace. They were able to let me delete Microsoft from my life, super thankful for that

If tsla starts making phones, no one needs aapl. Guess which phone everyone will go for?

Bye Apple. I`ve never owned an Apple product. I`ve never bought an Apple product, even as a gift, for someone else. I ain`t about to start now. Deleted, wait... WAIT, there was that time I bought $APPL, but I sold that and bought more $TSLA.

Damn! I thought I was supposed to click on the company with most impact.

I chose Apple, since you can have any phone or computer and still be fine but I`m also biased. I don`t own any Apple products and I`ve gotten used to the disgust people get when they see my bubble isn`t the same color as theirs when they text me lol

Are we talking "from here forward" or "entirely from history?" Entirely from history, Amazon. Never innovated. From here forward, hate to say, Tesla. I think any car manufacturer, even an innovative one, disappearing would have the least impact on the general population

Definitely Apple. They`re products world`s best, but Amazon and Google provide services no one else can at that level, and Tesla`s lead in pushing the switch to EVs is not replaceable.

Yeah because its the only sensible option

A lot, including Twitter.

And what laptop and phone and watch do you use?

you didn`t even mention Meta hah !

Azure > AWS I am biased I am a Azure Cloud Engineer haha

neither but maybe Amazon I guess

Adhering to the constraint of removed with the least amount of impact, that would sadly probably have to be Apple or Tesla. There is an alternative for each that could immediately be transitioned to, though they are lesser alternatives. The EV transition would die w/o Tesla.

Wow Im an Apple fanboy and choose to remove Apple. Id much rather have an Android phone than no Amazon or Google. Whoever chose Tesla should unfollow you.

Buying a Samsung phone is 100x better than using Bing.

Honestly Apple, even though I love their products I could go back to Samsung and do fine. Their "airpods" are an abomination though.

Wow people really said Apple like they dont all have iPhones.

I picked Apple.. love my Apple devices but was a long time Android user too. Could easily go back. But get rid of same day Amazon delivery? Or lose Gmail or YouTube? Hell no.

Same goes for Google with Gmail This only leaves Apple (I don`t own a single Apple product so idc lol)

U forgot Facebook

I love Apple and only use Apple. I would hate to work in another world. But there are plenty of alternatives. No alternatives to Google, Amazon, Tesla (transport and energy)

Oh hell no I know yall aint got Apple in the lead if the answer is, would cause least disruption to how the economy functions right now, it`s tesla. if you want to know which would have the least impact long term, i think amazon

Software developer here. Far more than you might think.

It`s really interesting to think about... like I would immediately pick Amazon because I could find another company to do business with. But how many companies rely on AWS?

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