The urge to try Starfinder grows stronger with each

July 2, 2022, 8:10 pm
The urge to try Starfinder grows stronger with each
The urge to try Starfinder grows stronger with each passing day

I`m holding out for starfinder 2e

Great game. ran it for us last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love it so much. You should definitely try it!!

Look, we`re at a good stopping point for a one-shot. I wanna play big lizard man

Briefly ran a starfinder game after starting Androids & Aliens and everyone had a blast. Ship combat can be a lot to keep track of when you`re a solo GM running a ship or two that players have an entire team for but the laser fights and grenades and space monsters are so much fun

I always love when I get the chance

Starfinder content incoming when?

It has its balance issues and quirks but you should absolutely do it for the experience! At the lower levels it`s more balanced I think.

It`s a great game. I run it all the time.

Id happily run a game for you.

Right there with you. Just ordered one of the books I don`t have XD

Starfinder is great! There`s way too many options when it comes to player equipment, but that`s really my only gripe with it

My bias towards the space-fantasy "everything in the kitchen sink" approach is definitely a factor, but it`s becomemy favourite setting in all of tabletop gaming. I just wish it had the PF2 action system.

I`ve been reading articles from Starfinder sourcebooks as my "help me wind down so I can fall asleep" books, and it always results in my partner and me theorycrafting about whatever I read for an hour afterwards, 10/10 do recommend

I`m pretty sure we could find *someone* to run that for you!

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