The undead horde is no match for you and

October 13, 2021, 9:24 pm
The undead horde is no match for you and
The undead horde is no match for you and your controller. Get a next-gen Xbox and unlock a horde of games on day one with GamePass:

GamePass But if I upgrade, where will my cat lay? GamePass I`d love to get an XSX IF I COULD FIND ONE

GamePass I`ll be getting an Xbox Series console soon best believe that

GamePass ps5 is better

GamePass I got the series X the first month it came out and every here and there I have lag for 5days. My connection is good everything is good this never happened with my old xbox can someone help me out or is there just a problem with the hardware inside the xbox ?

GamePass Why is everyone crying about not being able to get a Series X? I was able to get one quite easily... YouSnoozeYouLose

GamePass Sometimes there`s such a thing as too many arms...

GamePass i would love too xbox but then the series x needs to be in stock first for me to do that

GamePass I would if they werent impossible to find!

GamePass I`d love to get my hands on the Series X if it was actually in stock. Can we get a statement on how much longer the chip shortage is gonna set back production?

GamePass Hey my guy... I`d love to kill sum zeds in back for blood ... but ya know here`s the thing my Xbox series s ya know that "next generation console" why you keep turning it off on me?

GamePass Look at Xbox trying to convince people to buy there next gen consoles when the only consoles they have available are digital consoles haha thanks but no thanks

GamePass "Get a Next-Gen Xbox console!" Yeah i wish i could, but the X is sold out in like a minute.

GamePass October is such a strange month for me. One one hand my birthday is this month. On the other I am scared of everything else about October. Its very confusing.

GamePass Why should i replace my xbox one for a xbox series?

GamePass When do you plan on actually producing more Xbox units?

GamePass Crossplay gamers, UNITE!

GamePass I wish I could afford one. My kids has been begging me for one but I cant afford one right now. Bills and food come before a game.

GamePass Honest Xbox fan here since the OG Xbox and I have to simply admit that the PS5 is better then the new Xbox. This is coming from an incredible die hard Xbox fan BTW.

GamePass hello convince me to get your xbox using ONE word

GamePass but what if i already have game pass on xbox 1 outsmarted


GamePass Youre no match for PlayStation and their amazing games.

GamePass PlayStation better

GamePass As an honest fan of yours for over 10 years, the newest generation Xbox Series X is the worst running console Ive ever purchased! I will be taking my business to PlayStation, a REAL console!

GamePass PlayStation better

GamePass Ps better games always

GamePass Ps made you

GamePass playstation controller better

GamePass PlayStation

GamePass playstation owns you

GamePass Please consider adding HDR support at 1440p resolution. People with HDMI 2.0 displays have to choose between 120 Hz and HDR, and people with 1440p monitors are left in the dust.

GamePass As an honest Xbox fan for over 10 years, the Series X is the worst running console Ive ever purchased! I will be taking my business to Playstation, a REAL console!

GamePass PlayStation

According to there are 56 days until the Halo Infinite launch. Follow to keep up with the countdown!

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