The thing about this argument is that it puts

June 25, 2021, 11:24 pm
The thing about this argument is that it puts
The thing about this argument is that it puts everything in absolutes in a wholly unnecessary way. Also my understanding of this argument is that adding a choice to sideload is taking away a choice to not have a choice. Thats choice.

But you dont decide what is necessary or not. Thats decision is on the only developer and owner of the product. People choose every day to buy between products with different characteristics.

So they can create the (arguably) best privacy and security protections in the industry, but they can`t make it clear to users when they`re sideloading an app from a third party source? Quite an odd limitation for the company who has absolute control of the hardware and software.

How many people are "tricked" into side loading?

This isn`t even sophistry. It`s just Markov-chaining words together in the hope that the reader gets lost somewhere in the middle and nods along.

By choosing the Apple platform the user has made a choice get all their apps through that platform and not side load. The drawbacks are obvious as are the benefits

"Sorry, Mr. Bohn, but we must deny you from remodelling your house unless you use contractors affiliated with your mortgage lender, so they get a cut of the profit-er, because you *might* be scammed." ItsForYourOwnGood Yes. That`s why, i feel, if at all needed, there be a toggle to opt for side-loading. I am sure there are users who don`t want to side-load apps. The iPhone must be equally enjoyable to every user.

Itd be much appreciated if there was a way of allowing sideloading, even if it was buried deep into the settings

I agree. Its there but you dont have to use it. Doesnt really change life all that much. Most of the argument is I want it and cant have it. Once given, itll turn to more customization because they cant. So the EU etc sue more. Have at it. Void warranty on the devices.

So what kind of choice are typos in tweets

I cant imagine the number of website that will pop a download our app to increase the speed of your iPhone doing that on their iPhone from an alternate store, and that being a spyware or worse. Ive seen it so many time on Android.

There is a use case for a type of device where non-technical folks, including young children, the elderly, and teens who are not as clever as they think, can use it and never screw up the software. But it could still be a default and have a deep setting for sideloading.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

How can you be `tricked into` side-load apps without actively trying to? Unless you gave your phone to someone you don`t trust, in which case you probably have bigger things to worry about.

I get this is a niche example but there was a time where there a way to sideload (kind of) onto iPhones and it was used for spying on children so its not wholly without merit. And its not like Sideloading doesnt hurt developers and content creators.

I just don`t understand how having the choice to sideload, removes the ability of choice.

And THAT decision takes courage.

Im actually not an absolutist about demanding sideloading on iOS! But thats the thing: I think absolutism hinders understanding of the tradeoffs on both sides of the argument.

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