The spam calls are getting out of hand

May 26, 2021, 2:12 pm
The spam calls are getting out of hand
The spam calls are getting out of hand. Someone stop the madness.

can we stop s*itcoins & tokens too please getting out of control Someone stop the madness.

Ledger hack. I am getting spammed from all angles.

We are calling you to tell your warranty is up...

I had to cancel my phone.

Donotcall crypto it will be a little bit like CrankYankers in the whitepapers.

Taiwan is a country.

Use RoboKiller. They literally stop. Wonderful app.

lifa hack: keep airplane mode on 24/7

When India went into lockdown. The spam calls stopped for me.

What if one of them has a really good deal for you?

Download Call Filter if you are on Verizon

mentioned this company that`ll reply to the spam call with a fake credit card or something and when they use it, they`ll get hit with a lawsuit

Banning phones solves this.

Get a Google Pixel with call screening!

Bitcoin solves this

I`ve now gone from $1500 to $10,500 you guys really need to get on board,crypto investment rocks dead easy on experience can`t thank enough he made passively every week.

Yall can go to this website and then they will stop. It really helped me out. My friend recommended it to me and Ive been at peace from there on What are you getting calls about?

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Have you registered with the Do Not Call Registry? Grow your bitcoin and make over $4000 in 4 weeks Dm m how if interested

How else am I going to get my auto warranty

Is there a token for that?

I never believe it until I experience it. For a start I deposited $3000 in crypto trade and investment, in few days I got a return of $6000. I really want to say thank you you are good man, I will try my best to make the world know about you, thank you.

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Pro Tip: Change your number to an area code far away from where you live. You will only get spam calls from that area code. Just drop the calls when you get them.

On iOS as of iOS13: Silence Unknown Callers - this solves the issue entirely. The blacklist apps dont work well. My main FR would be allow app API access bypass option for door dash. Best iOS feature of that release imo.

I would vote for a president whos one platform was stopping spam calls.

On top of spam calls, the woman that had this number before me apparently has a hundred bill collectors after her. So that`s cool

I don`t answer unknown numbers anymore, block...block...block what changed?

Use the youmail app

Bitcoin fixes this?

If you believee in the future then you will know indeed that crypto investment is the future,investing in it now is very much profitable inbox me now to get started.

Its bad I don`t answer no call that I don`t know of

This tweet from 2009 should be minted as an NFT

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