The #NoCode movement is about empowering people to build

June 21, 2022, 3:09 pm
The #NoCode movement is about empowering people to build
The NoCode movement is about empowering people to build things without code.But what does that mean for developers?

Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

So which is your favorite NoCode tool? flutterflow or bubble and why

Engineers working on unsolved engineering problems

More interesting work.

A lot of developers work on internal CRUD apps. NoCode makes these apps faster to build. Even when building an app in nocode theres still a lot to learn. Building with still requires you to understand design, how to optimizing workflows, and architect databases.

to not spend a week on registration/login functionality

Honestly, it means that they have more tools to make repetitive tasks easier. This leaves more energy to spend on the more complex items. Low code and no code are not a replacement for developers. It`s a tool.

It means that there will be more development and a bigger community of ideas

Testing out their own projects, but faster through NoCode.

The end for many of them...

Indirect benefits: - More non-tecnical founders building startups = more jobs - More companies trying ideas with nocode = Less pressure on dev team

Empowering developers to build efficiently. Nocode is not a zero-sum game

Developers will always be needed, whether they write traditional code or "write" NoCode. NoCode still has many of the same engineering principles: separation of concerns, object-oriented data modeling, security/privacy, performance improvements etc.

Easy access to a job that provides a higher salary due to being able to do everything at once (backend, frontend, product)

I think developers can benefit a lot from using the right NoCode tools or build hybrid apps (both code and NoCode). I have been looking into this way of building web apps and it is amazing!

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