The most revealing anecdote you could ever read about

September 20, 2021, 10:32 pm
The most revealing anecdote you could ever read about
The most revealing anecdote you could ever read about video game writer David Cage. Here is Cage explaining why Detroit Become Human isn`t like Blade Runner.

I spoke with one of the lead writers and his first answer was - "Detroit is a game about Detroit" and said players should make up their own minds about androids being on the back on the bus

Literally Jeff I don`t really have an opinion on David Cage`s writing but why does he get so much flak for his work? There is a lot of bad writing in video games.

You saw Blade Runner, a 1982 movie, in theater?

This is my favorite tweet of the day.

If anyone`s seen Westworld, Detroit is literally a dumbed-down version of that. Even in terms of core characters.

David Cage in gif format Canonical reaction to the end of Blade Runner - the reaction Ridley Scott wanted all along but the studio wasnt brave enough to support

Detroit was much more blunt about it (to the point of being grating at times)

And I thought France had good literacy programs in their education systems. That, or... David Cage doesn`t care he copied these films and is being incredibly sarcastic because he thinks he`s doing it better.

I like to imagine that this Quantic Dreams Star Wars game if your divine punishment for the all wrongs you`ve committed against me

Isnt this the guy that made a nude model of Eliot Page for no reason and also says the f slur?

The androids are forced to sit at the back of the bus. Makes you think.

What... Does he not understand emotions? Is he an android?

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