The most fun part about driving a Polestar is

June 22, 2022, 8:08 pm
The most fun part about driving a Polestar is
The most fun part about driving a Polestar is driving it, but there`s more to it. Our latest over-the-air update for the Polestar 2 comes with Apple CarPlay, allowing Polestar owners with an iPhone to change music, use apps, and communicate through Siri or the infotainment system

When should the US market expect to see the OTA update?

Now I may actually consider polestar once the SUV is announced.

Hey , after the latest update the estimated range in the dash is reported in km for my UK spec car. Setting units to km and back to miles works, but after a few seconds it reverts back to km! I hope a new release with a fix for this and the mirror issue is out soon.

Big whoop. It`s not wireless

What about Android Auto?!?!

Your tweet was quoted in an article by The Verge Im really exited for the 2023 CarPlay update

Be nice if the full screen CarPlay would make its way into the older XC40. Its tiny and theres so much wasted space on the infotainment screen. :(

Ok but where`s Android Auto because Android Automotive is missing to many apps that are necessary and if your not giving us Android Auto you should at least give us and also since it doesn`t work on Vivaldi.

When is the update expected to be released? I still can`t get carplay to work on mine

Any good news about the results of the meeting?

Wireless NOT Will you be able to play games with your phone and use the screen? Asking cause if your waiting to charge then we need to be able to pass the time.

Shareholder ID for the meeting isn`t working.

Finally! Are there any plans to enable CarPlay map applications to be displayed on the navigation mode of the driver display in a future update?

I own 11,000 shares and my control number cannot access your meeting this morning. Stuck on hold with Computershare. A lot of others are having this issue too. Waiting months for this day and we can`t even attend the meeting.

Im hyped. Allready checked the car for the update 3 times today , no update available yet. Owh patience is not one of my virtues

Great job Polestar! I hope in the new Polestars you are going to change the middle console for more legroom AND the back seat/ head space will be bigger than in the P2. P2 is ok for small families only. Looking forward for the P3!!

As an iPhone user, When is that update available in the UK??

The next-gen carplay presentation at WWDC22 basically transported from disqualified to my most aspirational car. Great strategic choice by their leadership.

I like the driver display! But the main display sucks! Big frame sma display. Slow and a strange UI. would be nice for CarPlay 2 support?

When will the update be available in Canada? Was it not supposed to be in april? Also: is there a way to keep the radio playing when the car is closed? Like using it as a bluethoot player when washing the car..

Curious...... you just got a Polestar, what would be three songs you`ll definitely listen to sometime the first week? (and what model?) Me: Polestar 02 Songs: Blackout by Lovedrug, Nothing Even Matters by Lauren Hill, and My Funny Valentine by Chris Botti featuring Sting

Lets rally these bulls! $GGPI $PSNY Beautiful vehicle $ggpi $psny

Saw this today on the 17th floor of Hopewell Centre in Hong Kong... any news to announce? Theres no better electric car!

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