The more I tweet positively about Xbox, the more

June 25, 2021, 4:01 am
The more I tweet positively about Xbox, the more
The more I tweet positively about Xbox, the more unfollows I keep getting. I`m not gonna stop.

NP! Love me some Xbx even tho I do get mad sometimes, but I`m not Sony boy mad.

Well here`s a balance lol.

I bought RE V on PS5 and man without VRR I will never buy a third party game for PS5 again. Xbox is technologically superior.

I love my Xbox always have. PS5 is aight but nothing to exciting. Xbox is doing big things this gen and its great!

Followed for the Xbox goodness Anti-xbox crowd is crazy, the mere thought of like jp games on xbox enrages them

I`ll follow you just for being positive and not spreading toxicity

You gained a new follower

Funny thing is I`m a Xbox fan and I`ll post something positive about Playstation from time to time and get labeled as a Pony

Well ya gained a new follower.

Their lose More power to you. I much rather follow people being positive about what they love then toxic about the thing they dislike.

Same i lost 10 followers since E3 & I usually never even get into console war stuff, mainly just positive Xbox talk lol.

great minds think alike :P

Same been losing followers and IDGAF

Of course you are most welcome

Well then Ill give you a follow, as life is full of balances

I love Xbox but I also see the faults. I like gamepass but I can see the faults. Same with Playstation and definitely nintendo. But as positive as I can be, there are things I dont understand from each platform and it happens.

I feel the same. Just noticed I hit 500 last month but it keeps fluctuating. I think Im too chaotic in my stances. I can be super Xbox positive and then I give out a strong critique and I lose happens

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