The Medium - the Digital Foundry tech review, courtesy

January 27, 2021, 2:13 pm
The Medium - the Digital Foundry tech review, courtesy
The Medium - the Digital Foundry tech review, courtesy of A closer look at the first next-gen only Xbox title:

I like how quiet the Xbox fanboys are about locked 30fps with frame-pacing issues and drops all the way to 900p. What happened to all Series X games will be 4k 60fps on the world`s most powerful console? What about all the bashing to any dev that launched a PS5/XSX game at 30fps?

For everyone saying 8hrs lol. Just remember it`s 10 with game Pass. That`s 10. Yes 10. Not 70

My reaction to seeing optimization on the Xbox Series S/X: I told you Xbox fanboys to be careful hyping up this game. Now these PS fanboys are gonna rip yall a new one. Defending some of this stuff is gonna be tough. Anyways, I think it still will be a good game. Gonna fire it up at midnight. GL lol 900p drops 27fps ps2 graphism 640p on sries s. New gdk and tools are so amazing (Remember hitman : "ps5 can`t run at native 4k).

This game is perfect irony for all Xbox fanboys. An 8h DLC, 900p30fps walking simulator, basically everything Xbots whine about on PS exclusives, all in one package

Not the biggest fan of the animations and mechanics from what I`ve seen so far, but the art design and the double-dimension mechanic are pretty interesting

Imagine buying "The most powerful console` and then playing 900p fps again

You sure it isn`t a timed exclusive?

on the most powerful console the resolution drops to 900p and only 30fps "exclusive" also available on steam and GoG.

Beautiful DLC game, as people said about 8h games.

Beautiful looking Game for a AA studio

character movement is so stiff

Gamepiss title

To me, it looks sooo boring

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