The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the

September 15, 2021, 12:34 am
The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the
The latest NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output. For more information, including restrictions on some features while using Bluetooth Audio, please visit the support page:

Thanks I needed this when playing switch at night

Why did it take 4 years for that to be released

So like this was always possible? I just figured the switch couldn`t do this because of hardware limitations? Why did it take this long lmao

Question is why did it take so long

Thank you now can u please add the ability to adjust sound balance when headphones are connected???? Sincerely, My ears weren`t made equal

update review +bluetooth audio support - no warioware icons overall 0/10

Nice and about time

blow ur ears out with splatoon music wirelessly

Now give us Switch updates be like Im pumping my JBL Charge 4 with it Nintendo out here giving us the bare minimum after 4 years..

I use wired headphones My airpods sound amazing on the Switch!

`bout time, should have been a feature at launch

What a pleasant surprise.

Now get on Switch. Do people really care about this at this point? Steam deck comes out in just a few months

Ooooh bluetooth!

YAY ABOUT TIME now add folder and theme

Its about time.


That`s pretty cool I would love themes as well I`m really tired of looking at the white and black themes like even in a update I would fine with other colors like red, blue etc. Damn maybe we`ll get more than two themes in 2025

"That`s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Fulfilling my dadduties Nintendo revolutionizing our video game experiences once again, can`t wait for everyone to start copying them again like they always do.

There is audio delay.

Only took 4.5 years to make it happen. Wooooo!

Xenoblade icons when?

Damn i have a some bootleg airpods so now I have almost half a second of delay

Please add all the rest of the classic consoles and classic games coming to NSO real soon and soon and thanks

anyways yuzu feels great highly recommended

ok now THAT is cool!

Time to break out that Bluetooth speaker!

What took so long Next thing you`re gonna tell me is you`re releasing a third system theme

This + Smash Ultimate`s soundtrack catalog = Sweet, now we wont need an adapter LESS GOO!!

So I bought this adapter for nothing? Boo...

Took you long enough. Finally I`ll play comfortably on tv mode with headphones.

I support this!

Only took five years


About time!!!!!

your turn!

It does exist!!

Where was this 4 years ago? pairing to a random stranger`s headphones and blasting world of light into their ears

Guess this means we will eventually be getting folders and custom themes in roughly...late 2024.

really took four years and the same day your legal team shut down another set of tournament brackets that could have just been left alone lol SaveSmash SavePM

ok now add more themes

Cool, glad you finally added themes and folders! Oh wait......

You are ridiculous, Nintendo. A japanese company, make sense of course.

omgggg I`ve been waiting so long for a bluetooth function. thankiiiii nintendo ^w^

Oh great. I was hoping that`d come sooner or later.

I get why people are making memes about it being bout now but can you just say thanks that they actually gave it to us intend of keeping it only headphone jack. No hate against anybody I can respect the memes there not bad

sorry at least your dock still allows us to output phones to television

Pizza Time!! Wow this woulda been really cool14 years ago lmao.

Wait what? That was an option the whole time?!? I didn`t have to buy that stupid thing that plugs in the bottom?

Switch Bluetooth adapter sellers rn Rare Nintendo W Been waiting!! Now I can purchase Ray con or beats!!!

Great, now i can get real in Tailo no Tatsujin IT FINALLY HAPPENED.

Finally, I have been waiting for this feature for freaking years!


What year is the is !

Does it work with airpods pro?

Wow it took you 4 years to not including COVID to get this feature added... This is unacceptable for taking this long this feature should have been here at launch.

Y`all do know that somebody actually went through the data after the release and found out it has a camera something for VR bluetooth for the joycons and there is much MUCH more they put everything on here it`s just the matter of activating it.

Nintendo..... The Switch need more themes Oh cool Probably better then never since my cousin took my Only pair of wired headphones I had left so

You think it`s eventually be time to change up the Switch`s UI a bit? This current one`s starting to bore me, not hating it tho.

took you guys 4 years, god damn. Other than that good quality of life addition I guess lol

It takes real vision and leadership to so steadfastly remain a half decade behind ones competition

Yo, as cool as this is, Bluetooth audio is WAYYYY too quiet.

This is equal to yeah we finally getting with the times

Could we also get a firmware update that overclocks the system in Docked Mode, to increase performance? I know it`s possible. I understand it would drain the battery faster in portable mode; but just make it for docked mode. I would gladly buy a Switch OLED if you did this.

damn at least ur playing acnh for once

Its a step forward but damn yall like slow walks.

So this had the ability to from the start? Lmao why implement the feature now, it`s nearly five years into its lifecycle? Cool nevertheless.

Still cannot understand how it took so long to add such a basic feature to a handheld device

FreeMelee FreeSmash Imagine posting that after you interfered with the Smash community so many times.


Finally... Needed this back in 2017

I thought the technology "wAs`nT tHeRe YeT"

Thats cool but heres a cooler update, not free but you can do quite a lot with it IT TOOK 4 YEARS JUST FOR BLUETOOTH LMAOOOOO

Nintendo Switch getting bluetooth audio support > Apple September 2021 Event

I love you Nintendo. I- I`ve been waiting for this for so long. Thank you so much.

This should have been since console launch

Now this is useful! Great, but still I feel like something is missing, please Nintendo, give us a more dynamic interface, even if only for the main screen

Over FOUR YEARS it took them to simply add this feature in software?! WTF are they smoking

Available in switch lite too?

So something that should have been there since day one

maybe we can support for this now on Xbox too. Brutal honesty is your proprietary Xbox wireless sucks for headsets, has constant crackling/connection quality issues. Bluetooth is proven stable and does not "interfere" as much as claimed.

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