The iPhone X was legendary

November 23, 2021, 4:34 am
The iPhone X was legendary
The iPhone X was legendary. The hype behind its launch was unreal, should have never sold it.

Dude, now seeing this! Not even exaggerating, the battery life is great. I charge it at the end of my day before bed when it gets around 10%. Its current life is at 89% after all this time. So Im guessing the battery changed or previous owner was a light user.

I remember when it came out and after walking into an Apple store and holding it for the first timeI knew it was a phone I really wanted. Amazing phone. Wish I hadnt sold mine too.

Honestly. The X series really blew my mind when it launched. Loved the design and everything

Still got an X and use it as my main phone. Replaced the battery so its at 100% battery health and works great

Recently got the 13, miss X

I agree! I had the iPhone X and I felt a lot more excited about it than the iPhone 12 I currently own! Hope that the 14 brings back the same excitement!

It changed everything about the iPhone, for the better.

You can find a good conditioned one for cheap on ebay.

check out mine Legendary phones from each company imo Apple: IPhone X Samsung: S10+ Huawei: P20 Pro / Mate 20 Pro OnePlus: Oneplus 7 pro Google: Pixel 6 Pro

Thats why I use two of them still. Changed the whole game.

No the XS was the same iPhone only better in my opinion

I`m still using the X

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