The iPhone 13 may finally get features Android has

September 14, 2021, 4:15 pm
The iPhone 13 may finally get features Android has
The iPhone 13 may finally get features Android has had for years

I want to see someone drop the news: Android may have performance that iOS has had for years

Baloney! Apple invented them later today when they show case these new features and android stole them.

Snatching up the last few clicks before the keynote lol

I`m just waiting for my xs max to conk out then perhaps it`s time to consider switching to android.

I own an android. Still missing the barcode recognition integrated with the camera.

Android might have a tablet as good as the iPad Android might have earbuds as good as AirPod pro Android might have finally have a decent watch Not one company has it all

Android isnt a phone its an operating system

Gotta respect the click-bait game.

Will they out the m1 in the iphone 13?

Yes we all know that 120Hz

Every feature on overrated iJUNK, other brands had it for YEARS. So nothing new. CrApple: We COPY/STEAL EVERYTHING, then we pretend we had it 1st in our brainwashing events, then we charge u a ridiculous price for it, so u think we are so special and innovative.

But people are still awaiting to get features like ios on android.

The Verge is the worst suckup when it comes to apple and Dieter has always been partial to Iphones even though they are years behind Android in every has dominated IOS like how Windows has dominated Mac OS.Too late to the party Apple.Boring...

android does something => apple does it later but better => android copy apple that`s how it works

Leave iphone users alone, they are trying to customize their app icons one by one.

Android in 2011 was basically a 15 year product roadmap for iOS

Oh these dogshit argument again

iPhone ciders when they get a years old feature on their new phones So, who cares if Android had it first? iPhone always does it better, and then Android has to copy iPhones way of doing it.

An Iphone would have to come out every 3 years, build it with great qualities to make it the best. Taking one out every year is pure business, no need to buy iPhone13

Shocker! I`ve fell off my chair with shock.

Yeah apples been doing that for a decade. Where you been

I will never have an Android peasant, so yeah lol

Why encourage the weird as phone tribalism that exists? Why would you intentionally be part of the problem?

When you say years it sounds like 5-7 years. Its not that long

Androids have had 120hz with VRR through ltpo since the Note 20U came out on August 21st, 2020. Therefore your article should say "year" not "years" .

isn`t this the case for all new iphones

Wow!! Make sure to check out our episode about iOS vs Android, and stay tuned for an episode on the iPhone 13!

Is the 120hz refresh rate only for the always on display?

don`t waste your time reading long boring intentionally sooo long article new feature is always-on lock screen

How can a hardware device have features from a software platform?

Oh, you mean 120hz? I mean, it`s nice, but kills the battery fast. Take it from a 2 year 120hz user.

So i can download any song or movies pirated download on a phone???! If it is I`ll convert

My eyes got stuck in my head while rolling them at this headline.

Abeg how you take understand this

It is not bad to wait till its good.

I`m not even gonna laugh You say???

No, the spyware was deferred.

like every new iOS update?

which phone has had LTPO for years?

yes apple with security android with hackers lol

You mean, like every year? Iphones been playing catch up forever

Is this headline from 2015?

it`s like this every year.

Wait for couple of hours

Damn wait, I thought this was I`m here for the arguments in the comments Cant wait to read the replies

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