The icon definition of Samsung UI has never reached

September 6, 2021, 4:38 pm
The icon definition of Samsung UI has never reached
The icon definition of Samsung UI has never reached the highest resolution. Even though the ppi of the S21U screen is higher than that of the iPhone 12, its icon does not look as clear as the iPhone. Samsung always doesn`t care about the details, it will never catch up with iOS

I guess Apple will start listing icons as one of their new features now. Look at our icons!!!!

The style of the icons *seems* to make it less sharp, not because they aren`t optimized

Well !? Apple knows how to distract you from we know the best how to use your phone and you would use it only the way we said it`s the best

Apple sells sizzle. It makes far more money than anyone but it`s market share is less 20%. Samsung has had a higher share since at least 2016. Xiaomi is their big worry. Though I have both Samsung and apple and couldnt find any major difference but yes, IPhone screen looks more realistic, there is something unique abt it.

That is why apple manufacturing screen panels from Samsung to completely destroy samsung.

Interestingly, never knew about this.

I thing Apple is clearing the waters for the upcoming IPhones so theyre reaching out to tech people with more followers to bash Samsung

Chinese love high glossy shine wittle things.

Samsung has never been a company that care about details. They just throw everything at a project and see what sticks and the quality of software suffers. Just look at the galaxy store.

C`mon You need to step up in your software department. We are sick and tired of your laggy and buggy software. We are expecting that to be improwed with new One UI 4.0 . The worst is camera app.

Its abit sad in oneUI doesnt have personalisation like in coloros 11, at least to change iconpacks and aod

Im do they not use use there own phone

Please, icons arent everything, and why does it have to be at max resolution, i am happy using my S21U with FHD+ resolution and i have always been.

There`s a lot more definition in the iPhone apps, some shading and 3D aspects, Samsung`s is flat and oversaturated. My dad likes Samsung but has never liked the look of the apps, thinks they`re childish

OK, should pay great attention to details.

Icon packs, not that hard to fix the problem

Wait what? This is pretty ridiculous. Ive never been able to tell a difference in clarity between iOS and Android and if anything before Ive felt like my Samsung has better clarity than my iPhone

the icons are awful, it`s the reason I switched from Samsung

This is so true!! I did a comparaison with my samsung A31 with a full HD + resolution (24001080) with my friends iPhone 7 with a resolution of 1334 x 750 not even full HD and his app icons where more sharper then mine and even in the whole interface

I notice this problem many times

people nowadays complaining about icons,grow up, if samsung would care about ui, people would say they copied from ios,which is why most probably they didn`t do

Samsung never cared about details and just want that iphone money. This the main reason why I have stopped using samsung

And also the fact that one ui icons are monotonous and flat in color thus contributing to the dullness of the icons, unlike ios icons that have a shadow, shine gradient effect to it thats why it looks prettier and colorful.. I hope samsung would really fix this

Samsung oneui will get better and better in oneui 5.0 , not enough people recommend this change to be considered by Samsung , I believe more people should feedback these changes to Samsung

After owning lots of Samsung phones the past six years and getting more disappointed by each generation I changed to a different brand that doesn`t put worse hardware configurations in the same phone

That`s absolutely true It`s very disappointing that for such a high price the screen resolution looks lower quality

icon sharpness does not define the whole software experience

Fun fact, s21ultra got a 3k screen

Well is the icons really that important to have super sharp?

What`s the problem? It`s not visible to naked eye, why everything perfection needed?

Just using nova launcher lol

i wish they would work harder on the consistency and fluidity of the whole system...

Higher res icons means more ram usage

IOS always be the king of icons.

They look just the same to me (I mean the sharpness of the icons).

Yes, Even i changed from basic to adaptive display for colourfull icons. Basic looks dull, many yt channel stick with basic and doesn`t look good in videos.

Exactly OneUI`s Stock Icons Sucks :(

The Samsung experience UIs icon was more sharper than todays One UI icons. Were evolving, just backwards.

Totally agree.. samsung icons are too simplistic. And the worst part , i cant find anything better in its theme store.

I need a magnifying glass to see a difference I have both.

damn, the icons are so bad on oneUi

They may not be aware, or maybe do not care ? It seems that their priorities have shifted in the last few years

i have both. ios icons have more punchy colour. otherwise both are very good to do tasks. nothing hampering daily use

Who uses the stock launcher? Use a different launcher and icon pack, simple. One UI Pixel is good, keeps the Samsung themed icons, but makes them round and adds all the Pixel icons too.

I`ll take being able to multi task with 3 apps at once then fold my phone closed over slightly higher definition icons anyday

It doesn`t matter bcose we`ve an theme store you can choose 1mio+ icons . So who cares

Honestly couldn`t care less about icon resolution since I can`t tell the difference in fhd & qhd on a small screen. However, the icons needs to change. Can`t keep using 3rd party icons. One ui icons are unnecessarily big and look childish. A redesign should indeed be a priority

You give Samsung so much attention I swear you`re in love with the brand Yep, icon image placement from 1st party apps are just inside xhdpi-xxhdpi folder which means its max supported resolution is 720p-1080p only, any screen higher than that will display stretched icons

One UI app icons is just simply a copy of symbion Os Their FANBOIs say other brands copy them


Not buying a Chinese phone not everrrrrrr. Your support stinks to high heaven......maybe you should give your pals that feedback

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