The hostility from Google to bootloader-unlocked users is tempting

January 31, 2021, 2:51 pm
The hostility from Google to bootloader-unlocked users is tempting
The hostility from Google to bootloader-unlocked users is tempting me to seriously spend effort on de-Googlefy Android using Magisk in a safe and convenient way, as custom ROMs are not always stable, feature complete, or even possible on many devices. Some thoughts

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Are they equally hostile to locked bootloaders but devices using a user-settable root of trust?

1) A de-Googled Android build like GrapheneOS, /e/OS, or LOS 2) Use AnLinux, Termux, and a VNC client to install a Linux distro 3) Log into your bank account that way 4) Don`t live in a country that did away with cash

I used ungoogled Android in 2018, and it was working great thanks to microg and your project! However, I used ride sharing apps a lot, and all of them are simply broken (they worked, but barely usable) when the GMaps v2 from GMS was replaced with the one from microg.

This is happening with the PostFinance app...

I hoped Huawei do something with it.... but they dont even allow to unlock bootloader :(

Banks are interpreting regulations (PSD2/SCA) around mobile apps such that they want locked bootloader, safetynet and then some. MagiskHide is they only way out. I m afraid turning that tide is like trying to use the web without JavaScript.

I`m sticking to Google Play Services for only, it`s BIZARRE why they need it, Google is trying hard against custom ROM, closing CyanogenMod was it`s first step for this.

Absolutely moving to Apple, I am a heavy user for custom roms, I get the new features on the fly, my provcayeis respected So fuck you Google

Since many banking apps (outside the US) are using Huawei app gallery, if we could manipulate such move, that the bank app think it is a Huawei device, hence no safety net issues (as we already hiding the bootloader)

Absolutely love the idea, my question for you is how would you achieve this?

what would be example / apps that use it for "legit" reasons?

Mad respect. It`d be great to be able to pass safetynet on android emulators too.

Even with a locked bootloader, microg support for safetynet is broken

Also, the status of the phone is basically userdata. I don`t think it`s GDPR compliant to share the phone-status with 3th party developers... without consent. With GDPR, European users might have a way out of this.

Do retweets guys and disseminate the information to your community.

diverting away from vision with which android was launched. What happened with Nokia and CyanogenMod, can also happen with Android. Don`t dig your own grave. :)

This would be an awesome direction for magisk... Although what we really need is a safetynet fix for MicroG

That sounds awesome, we would all appreciate your efforts!

If this proves necessary, my next phone will some kinda iPhone. Trading battery life & prompt notifications for freedom is one thing. Forgoing them just to do it is senseless. This shouldn`t be necessary. Google took this way too far. GoodbyeAndroid HelloApple

McDonald`s where you at

Yes, checking safety net on zoom seems totally unsafe!

Just wanted to pop in here cuz I appreciate your work on Magisk!!! Somehow Qdoba works again

Hmm well almost all banking apps have problems with unlocked bootloaders. And for very good reason. Can`t find an alternative for that

Google is more trying to restrict users in how they make use of their devices. SafetyNet is their attempt at doing so while having control on how much freedom you have in making any changes that I the user would want. GMS is Google`s way of spying on how you use your device

Do *NOT* pay *ANY* respect to apps that refuse to work on unlocked bootloaders (unless for very legit reasons), and with the current trend Google is heading, this applies to ALL apps that relies on SafetyNet

Apps that do self code tamper/manipulation detections should be respected, which is the direction I am going towards for code injection in Magisk: when the app is on the MagiskHide list, no external code, including Magisk itself, is allowed to run in its memory space.

Most apps relying on GMS is for FCM (push notifications), which can already be handled by microG. Completely block GMS availability from apps using SafetyNet, and if they refuse to work in this case, boycott it, remove it from your life, or replace it with alternatives.

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