The hostile synthetics found in Aliens: Fireteam Elite take

July 21, 2021, 8:41 pm
The hostile synthetics found in Aliens: Fireteam Elite take
The hostile synthetics found in Aliens: Fireteam Elite take advantage of their environs and the equipment they have at their disposal. Running and gunning is a risky business when dealing with a cadre of entrenched synthetics; utilize cover and pick your targets well.

"You always know a working joe"

Oh Lord I hope we can customize ourselfs to be a Synth

What a coool swat

It`s the little details that I love. Their skin looks like it`s shrink wrapped onto their faces. Not quite Working Joes who just look like they`re wearing rubber masks.

Thank you so much giving rad Brad early gameplay! Was amazing to see and you have done an incredible job roll on 24th!!

Wait theres synthetics as well as all the alien types ? Oh my god gimmie gimmie

Time to introduce those synths to some 10mm explosive tipped caseless candy.

I *love* how you are bringing together so much of the expanded Alien universe in this game - from Kenner-like Xenomorph, Working Joes from `Isolation`, new neomorph-esque evolutions.. Gotta ask, were these enemy androids inspired by the kenner Integer 3 figure? Insane fan service folks! Very happy as an Aliens fan with each update about the game, getting closer and closer to launch :)!

I heard that! Necromancer dlc?

A dlc synthetic class would be cool. Like bishop or something

Okay Im listening

When will you show the game running on ps4?

oh great... seegson robots have guns now....

Are we able to play as synths in place of the marines or are these just enemy types?

Time to decomission a few.

Working Joe`s are terrifying! Now they have guns! it`d be nice if the xenos ai tried to avoid running directly at your gun so they`re actually like xenomorphs...and also darker lighting to enforce using the sensor cuz the third person is NOT scary and alien is all about horror

Be dope if we could wear that gear, too. Love the design.

That armour looks sweet. Whose is it? Wetland Yutani or Three world empire? Also can we wear it to?

You Always know a working Joe

They look so creepy, I love it and cant wait to fight them

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