The Gods have spoken: # of wins required to

June 20, 2022, 3:31 pm
The Gods have spoken: # of wins required to
The Gods have spoken: of wins required to earn maximum rewards has been reduced from 25 to 18 Mortals rejoice!

Grateful! It was really hard to reconcile the little time I have on weekends for the game + family + leisure. Now it has improved.

That`s a good start, lets do something now that take into account wins from week-play please ! I can`t play much on weekends but I like to play some minutes during the week and I don`t get why they are not rewarded too ...

When Will be ready for mobile Android?

Extremlly good decision, 25 was to much for the average player

GODS what is the basis of changing to 18? Just curious. Playing 15min per game for 3 days wouldn`t make a difference even if its 25. Just asking. Wen android? Of course I got 3 easy wins after 18 and realized I didnt get credit for them.

Yup but remember you will only get wins if your a death or magic deck since they overpowered them on purpose. You know why yuhioh and mtg was fun? Cards never changed an their was good balance. Gu is starting to grow less and less fun

I`d rather it stay 25.

Sorry how can we win gods in weekends? I havent quite understood yet. Didnt it only require 25 games?

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