The game is basically 4 years old at this

January 22, 2021, 4:24 am
The game is basically 4 years old at this
The game is basically 4 years old at this point, developing a full PS5 upgrade with all the bells and whistles of the PC version plus Raytacing, when the Devs that ported the PC version did a poor job so now Guerilla has to fix it would be a waste. A sequel addresses all that

I am fighting for people like you too. and needs to know that PlayStation gamers do not accept getting c*cked by their own studio unlike Xbox dudes who happily take it up their arse and hypes it everytime Xbox releases a PC exclusive.

If you go to this thread, there are many many PlayStation gamers (which should be prioritising) who wishes to experience the game again with better performances. Are you looking down on all their wishes? All I said was that PC dudes can never say "what do you have to lose?" when they port beg for ports. Because very obviously, something was lost.

Huh did I stutter

If they aren`t working on a PS5 patch they could be working on Forbidden west with more manpower and it could already be out.

We still lost something which justifies all the gatekeeping PS gamers did. A PS studio should be 100% focused on PS system and not using valuable manpower on a unrelated system.

We could have gotten both

I don`t understand the "looks like we have a lot to lose" part when literally nothing was lost.

Agreed. There are always pros and cons to any technology. Expecting every software to run 100% perfect on 100% of various hardware 100% of the time is asinine, IMO. I for one loved my PS4 version and am stoked for the new game for my PS5. But thats just me.

Yes but atleast a days gone level fps cap removal upgrade should be done that is the bare minimum isn`t it....

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