The forest awaits, Spirit Guide

September 21, 2021, 4:26 am
The forest awaits, Spirit Guide
The forest awaits, Spirit Guide. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now live on PS5 and PS4:

Been looking forward to this one for a long time

Congrats to everyone at Ember Lab. We`ve all been waiting a while, the wait ends now!!!

Just downloaded does it have raytracing in the fidelity mode ?

Just like every first party PS game nowadays It`s pretty great so far

Man, theres so many xbox players in here bitching. I guess thats what happens when you have no games to play

Just waiting for the disc version!!!!

I need a code for this game :( broke b status

This game is so boring. I decided to get it on PC instead of my PS5 (no point in PS5 when my pc wipes the floors with it and I have to say it just feels so dated. I hope Judgement is decent at least.

What a W!!! Congrats to Ember Labs on the release. Wish the best for them as a studio for real. Cool, will check it out on PC. Looks good!

It`s like I`ve traveled with a time machine back to the PS2 Era. I don`t believe it. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. I love this game already. Who do I talk to for help? My PS4 has downloaded something called "Kena: Bridge of Spirits Soundtrack", which is something I DIDN`T buy a opposed to the official Kena PS4 & PS5 version.

Can I get a game code since you guys almost fully bricked my PlayStation 4 with the last update.

Probably a game of the year contender alongside Deathloop,PS owners eating good,hope Xbox users experience it later.

I have peace Downloading! I hope this game gets tons of support

How yall feel about this one? I think it`s a buy when I get the money off the artstyle itself, cant wait to see more

I`ll be starting my journey in November thanks to that physical copy announcement!

Xbox owns your mid console!

Looks fantastic, can`t wait to play it this afternoon!

Xbox version better

Can I have a code for the game. I have no money

Time to test it out! KenaBridgeofSpirits

Been waiting for this game

WOAHH Can you guys answer the problem Im having? I asked We going on Style another big hit Breathe of the Wild clone L

didnt ask + xbox owns you unfortunately

Day 18and still no word as to way stole my account over a phone number change. I want answers. gamers GamersUnite Videogame Videogames PS5 PlayStation5 playstationnetwork Sony Help

Go to sleep and Xbox

we playing it on gamepass

As an honest Playstation fan for over 10 years, the PS5 is the worst running console Ive ever purchased! I will be taking my business to Xbox, a REAL console!

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