The following Destiny 2 expansion is available today:​ A

October 14, 2021, 12:25 am
The following Destiny 2 expansion is available today:​ A
The following Destiny 2 expansion is available today: A. Forsaken B. Shadowkeep C. Beyond Light D. All of the above (this is the right answer)

You just saved my pocket from buying those expansions again on PC Appreciated

So I can play all those plus other games on my iPad with a PlayStation controller?

bro... I just bought the game and it`s free now LMAO

Until February.

I thought they`ve been available?

Pretty sure forsaken is getting vaulted in the next month or two why get it to be binned off after

DO NOT buy forsaken, it`s getting the content removed. It will be a waste of money.

Brilliant I bought all the expansions last month

Untill bungie takes them out of the game*

You are correct. And it`s truly sad.

Destiny 2 for Windows has been running better for me than the steam version

I suppose that also means Destiny 2 is now on a second PC platform if for whatever reason you don`t want to play it on Steam.

This is the energy we need right now!

Well Ill be damned!!

Looks like a great time to get back into Destiny!

Isnt Forsaken and the tangled shore going into the DCV

so will this be closer to the steam version or something else entirely

so can we use keyboard and mouse? or it this just the console version on pc

Forsaken available on game pass????? wowwwwww almost like theyre trying to get you to play it before they remove it

If i have xbox game pass, will it carry over to PC, or do i have to buy a whole new game pass?

And sadly come next dlc for destiny......... forsaken is being removed

Damn all that money I spent....

How does this work with the Steam version? Surely it should be tied to our account info and wouldn`t try to make us download the game twice, correct?

Play Forsaken before its gone

Can I copy off of someone? I don`t know the right answer.

Is it free now ?

Can you enable to change language of games. I know I speak spanish but I dont like some games in my language or their dub.

A, screw B and C

Of this was d1 remastered nobody would okay d2...

Hard Pass imagine removing paid DLCs.

if you get gamepass for pc

game pass pc gets better and better

I love tests that give you the answers

Waited almost a year, finally decided that it just wasn`t happening and Bought beyond light last month. Now this. Wonderful.

Hi! Can i use my char in steam and play it with game pass pc? Thanks

All the ones that bungie themselves didnt kill off.

and it is impossible to change the language. and then there will still be people who ask and why does everyone like Steam more? gamepass and free games are not needed if there is no easy way to change the language in the game in 2021

cool now i can click on the blue enemy for hours on end instead of the red one

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