The @chessable app is now available in the appstore

January 17, 2021, 8:42 pm
The @chessable app is now available in the appstore
The app is now available in the appstore (iOS only for now) !!

Does it allow you to view it if holding the iPad horizontally as so far I only can if holding vertically?

If you are interested in collecting feedback from within your (beta Android) apps, just let us know. We are happy to help on that topic

Starting to save money for an iOS device

Looks nice..would like IPad version to allow viewing it horizontally as well as vertical

Main feedback is id like it to tell me when I have more positions due once Ive gone through them all. That way if its like 510 hours I know not to keep checking the app

Hi all. I`m Ben, the Product manager of the mobile apps. - Android we are currently working on as we speak and will keep you updated as we go with timelines! - and for any others who have had this issue. My deepest apologies. We are are about to release a fix!

Must be apple users are spending much more money as apple apps more difficult to support

OK. I buy an iPhone.

Puzzling. Clearly the number of android users is more than iOS.

@HanSchutChess And, thanks for the longtime support Han

Since I`m officially a badge addict, I hope I can help with the android version. haha Great! Congratulations . Does this mean that you can now study offline or do you still need to be connected to the Internet?

Cant seem to review moves of a chapter.

Thats wack no android?? Im going to have to buy an iphone


Oh. I hoped it will be sooner... But better late than pregnant

This is the moment I have been waiting for!

Please make an Android version. I bought some courses there and cant wait to study them mobile.

"Profile" just gives me a completely white screen after showing profile info for a split second.


Nooooooooooo! Too like having scales in the kitchen while dieting.

Sweet! Great job!

It looks great. Two suggestions: add night mode and (less importantly) extend the board all the way to the edge of the screen rather than leaving a small gap.

Congratulations!! The logical follow-up question: when is the Android version planned for?

When on Android (circa)?

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