The biggest blow of the Windows 11 reveal has

June 24, 2021, 6:20 pm
The biggest blow of the Windows 11 reveal has
The biggest blow of the Windows 11 reveal has to be at Windows developers who now have to compete with a stronger Android ecosystem. How do Windows devs feel about that decision? Users will like it, but why build apps for Windows?

Desktop apps are largely electron and Unity. No real feelings \_()_/ Unity devs are probably excited to have one less platform to target if they can hit Android and Windows in one go.

I knew they would eventually do it since the 1st release of WSL.

You`re focusing on the consumer-side. There`s also an enterprise ecosystem for Windows that can not be measured

Maybe you are offering something that integrates tightly with OS, like virus scanner or VPN client

I dont think itll change what Windows devs are doing. Theyll still continue making Windows apps. Android apps on any platform other than Android have been less than stellar, so i dont think there is going to be a huge clamoring for this.

"Build an app today" makes it sound like you don`t know what to build and so you start with platform. That isn`t how my experience of app development works at all. I have a whole bunch of app ideas, some of them only work on desktop and don`t make sense on mobile.

@damienguard Microsoft will likely add light-up features that devs can opt-in to to make more native-feel apps. As a new dev, how would you lean?

I`m guessing the reason to build apps for windows would be to offer unique experiences that only work on Windows or make more sense on a desktop.

Also Android apps are tailored for smaller screens, consumption and media heavy. I don`t think people who write system apps, production apps etc. will care much if at all.

I feel this is why so much emphasis is being placed on MAUI. Microsoft is billing the framework as "dev for Windows and get <OS of choice> as a byproduct" when, in reality, it`s the complete opposite. Devs target Android/iOS/Mac/Linux and, oh by the way, it works on Windows too

I think you may be over-valuing the Android eccosystem
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