the best iOS 16 feature is being able to

September 19, 2022, 7:51 pm
the best iOS 16 feature is being able to
the best iOS 16 feature is being able to automatically cut people out of a photo and create a transparent PNG

The memes will be unstoppable.

Your damn right they do, they have perfected this! Its a shame they dont just have a layer option in the normal photo editing.

Kinda like xiaomi did last year

Photolayers is my go-to for Android. Not nearly as fast (have to crop either by similar colors or manual) but it gets the job done.

How do you get it to work? I cant find the options for it.

Yeah So, just copying MS Paint3D?

Except for AOD?

I would say that`s incorrect hogwash. I think you missed "market presence" in your take somewhere.

What would have done with that HTCZoe feature... TeamHTC Having owned Android all my life I`m now beginning to also believe this.

already used it to my advantage Can do that with any app. Whats so special? You never needed it before? Why is it cool now?

Sjees, how much harder can you ride that Apple D tho...

Cant do that on android.

Wait how can I do that ?

But to have pro camera settings you have to pay up

Yo you can do WHAT!?

And then you try to copy it into your WhatsApp group and you get a great white background.

Yeah Im having fun with it too Just like always on display? And esim?

I forgot iOS default theme color is white.

Its definitely a cool feature. But interestingly I find the visual effects of the UI so un-Apple

Is that why the AOD, Camera sensor, and screen are still lagging behind

Except AOD

anjayy fitur removebg

Using samsung gallery. It`s not as smart as ios 16 at isolating all parts of subject (I`m using a midrange phone which can be the case) but it`s good enough This is too good. Isn`t this like exactly what Google was going for with the Pixel and then decidedly failed to do so? Oh, how the turns have tabled!

Pretty sure for tech stuff it`s better to not go with your opinions since I see it`s one sided.

Jesus, apple does it best. It`s weird people go for company instead what`s best to buy it. Apple just brand stuff that`s been around for years and you think that`s new. And great excuse, doesn`t matter who did first.

I just wish I could easily save these as my own iMessage stickers some how

Android apps do that already.

Photoshop pen tool users malding rn

My 230 phone can do this too

Awsome for thumbnails

Combined with this, its amazing Is there a way to resize the image?

The always on display says otherwise....

Didnt snapchat do this 5 years ago?

Androids can do this but apple does it better. The edges are much better on the apple

Would be great if iPhone X could do it

They beat photoshop with a better algorithm, crazy

My thumbnail making soul yearns.

Its literally THE BEST feature period on a mobile computing device.

That`s a cool feature

Always on display, battery percentage, optical zoom, fast charging, high refresh rate (some Androids have higher refresh rate than 120hz) and much more. Late implementation is not always the best implementation.

that is really cool

You are late to the club hahah

If the best feature of an OS is a photo editing tool...

Yeah my Samsung galaxy S10 had a really good photo editor that I could use to cut out people or objects and edit onto another photo. I was really surprised when I switched to iOS and you couldnt do any of that.

It gets better. You can turn those cutouts into stickers, and its amazing. That was true when Steve Jobs was alive

Completely agree. Everything else is unoriginal and just either replacing apps, or catching up to features on other OS. This, however, is absolutely amazing, and I love it!

as photoshop user this is INSANE

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