The Autumn Tour is wrapping up in #MarioKartTour

October 17, 2021, 8:52 pm
The Autumn Tour is wrapping up in #MarioKartTour
The Autumn Tour is wrapping up in MarioKartTour. But don`t get too comfortable just yetnext up is the Halloween Tour, which will have you racing through London!

fix ur game i need to do my daily challenge

Is there a server problem going on right now?

What are you waiting for to fix the servers Ms Mario Team? Hello, in Android devices the game shows an error code 806-6502 and it doesnt open please fix it!!! 806-6502 c`mon get it fixed.

Hello? Is the android error being fixed?

I keep getting an error that being error code 605 6502

Fix the game now

That`s cool and all, if I could play.... This error isn`t allowing any of us to get in and do anything anyway. Things are timed in this game, going to compensate us for the trouble?

Gonna drop mine here too I tried the redownload option through the in-game "Game Won`t Start" menu but now it just errors out at 12% instead Is anyone having this issue Should be Nintendo server problems. Lets wait they can fix them..

Mario Kart Tour. what`s going on? What is this error that is occurring with the game?. detail I`m not the only one having this problem. everyone has the same problem. is general. Better give me free rubies when fixed Can`t get into the game today. Following the reset procedure doesn`t help.

Fix the bug with Mario Kart world not loading on Android devices

What`s happening???? Hey Nintendo. I hope if I can`t play today you will give and extra shot to get the platinum leaf. I`m missing today-in-a-row!

Hey Nintendo... what`s going on today?? More than 5 hous with thd game off. Hope you guys give us some reward for this. What`s up with this error? Hi dudes, I cant log in i have deleted the cache and reinstalled the game but it keeps throwing the same error picture I am golden pass and player almost from the beginning It is just me or is it a failure everywhere? I cant send coins and harvest daily coins! Can you please fix it i wanna get the diamond badge tell me you hate Android without telling me you hate Android

Can`t log in today. What`s going on here? Can this issue be fixed? Nintendo, could you please do something? Error Code 806-6502 ? Game won`t start in Android devices buy will on iOS

Can you guys post an update on this? Mario kart tour it`s down, I have the same issues

Why is mario kart tour down????

Getting the error as well, their servers are prolly down or something

Im getting the error 806-6502 I have to uninstall the app, clear cache and i cant play!!! i have a subscription and i cant play

App not working. Pls fix :( Fix the game on Android!

What`s happening? When it reaches 81% it stops. Hey. Servers down? Game keeps crashing while trying to load, fix it!

Fix your stuff Pls someone help me I never had connection problems but since this morning I keep having error message code 806 6502. I play on a huawei P30 lite

what is happening Nintendo? my phone is capable of running the game, and I`ve never downloaded the game from markets not officials. Ive been enjoying this tour

So I gotta hope I get witch and the gold stuff After this tour, Im saving my rubies for the Winter tour so I can pull for Santa Mario.

He bxjx km. M no

3014-2528-6148 best of luck to all I`m getting vampire Waluigi I`m getting him and Halloween Mario and maybe they`ll be a gold character pipe

495364044489 looking for friends

Check this out. I have 9 LVl 7s. I`m ready for the next tour. I`m getting sick of the Autumn tour.

I need friend add me 487434660668

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