The Apple Pencil is one of those product experiences

June 10, 2021, 6:45 pm
The Apple Pencil is one of those product experiences
The Apple Pencil is one of those product experiences only Apple could pull off, and man, did they ever.

I hate it. Writing on glass with a plastic tip feels terrible to me. Every rubber tipped pen or pen with small bristles like Samsung note pens just feels sooo mich better and realistic to write with

Try using it with your iPhone for an awesome mobile experience! Oh, wait... you can`t. But you can with a Samsung Note and a Microsoft Surface Duo. BTW it`s kinda childish to block a user just because they can prove you wrong.

Bro, sorry I`m unfollowing. You can like Apple, but now you sound like an actual biased fanboy. No need to block others that are disproving you.

There`s the S Pen from Samsung, and the Surface Pen from Microsoft... Both existed BEFORE the Apple pencil, and work just as good if not better. This sounds like an iSheep comment and nothing more...

Agreed. That experience was something special. Lmfao biggest joke of 2021 And also a cringe tweet btw **iSheep Spotted**

Facts! I use mine for everything, I could imagine life without it!

Facts. Ive also dropped mine so many times and I cant believe it still works

I mean the Apple Pencil is great but it`s not one of those product experiences "ONLY" Apple could pull off. I appreciate good technologies but I hate when people overhype Apple products and ignore other products even if they are better in many areas. Samsung SPEN for tablets:

Apple pencil is great, but the S pen on the Tab S7+ is better. If you don`t know then you haven`t used it. Latency is the same as apple. Physical button works way better than double tap. Rubber tip feels way better than hard plastic. Way more software features.

When was the last time you tried a pen on an Android tablet though? They`re also quite good these days. I played around the Samsung drawing app on my son`s Tab S6 Lite, and my son`s been drawing using it (and even won a bookmark design contest at school), and it`s good.

*Flexes Wacom Pro Pen 2*

I absolutely love the Apple Pencil if they bought this to the iPhone in some form, it would definitely be a Note competitor

Who needs to hand write their tweets when they can use Google speech to text.

Who held you hostage? I dont know if Id pay the ransom.

So many people in my life make their living with that "work truck"

Legitimately just a very pleasant thing to use and interact with. I am handwriting my god damn tweets, folks!

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