The 100th ama tokenhunter x kingspeed time 12 00

December 7, 2021, 8:15 pm
The 100th ama tokenhunter x kingspeed time 12 00
The 100th AMA TokenHunter KingSpeed Time: 12:00 PM (UTC) - 9th Dec REWARDS: $200 Venue: Airdrop Rules Like & Retweet & Comment Question Follow & & Join

what is utility of $KSC? can we stake it to generate passive income?

when exactly the Kingspeed Game will launch? is ther a beta test for Kingspeed we can try?

how many type of Races that Kingspeed have? is there a world grandprix ?

if we talk about Metaverse in generally, it will pop up some point that the Land in the metaverse can be trade, sell or rent to others. then are the Land NFT in Kingspeed is scarce and have a good value for longterm investment?

many games claim their games as a Play 2 earn, but in fact, most of them just PAY to EARN, we need to invest more and more to achieve the best rank in leaderboard, So please tell me what kind of games that KingSpeed in terms of investment that i mentioned before?

Community is everything, so is there a refferal program from KingSpeed, or maybe some airdrop campaign for gaining number of users and community?

To ensure most player attract in concept of Play to Earn is, how players can generate earning in KingSpeed?

most important thing what is the requirement to join the races? do we need several Car NFTs for start the game? do we need some equipment for the racers to put in the Car ?please share something about this

Why did you choose as binance Smart Chain to build $KSC? is there any plan to make this token integrate with other chain?

Does Kingspeed games was design for skillful players, or it can be played by any age and any players no matter they good or bad in gaming skill?

Compared to another racing games and metaverse, what is Kingspeed games speciality, what makes you different than other racing games?

I believe community is crucial part for every project. They will act as a heart in every project. and for it, how KingSpeed growth thenumber of users and Community?

i love to know the Kingspeed Game is free 2 play,, however i still wanna know is there a different features that locked for free player ? i mean is there several features that only playable with the player who buy the NFTs??

when exactly the Metaverse of KingSpeed willlaunch?

build on Binance Smart Chain, will KingSpeed going multi-chain games in the future?

Because i love race,, this is what i wanna ask most exactly, what is requirement to join KingSpeed? do we need to have several car NFTs?

can we know when exactly the staking feature will launch for $KSC?

Congratulation to your succesfull $KSC IDO and listing, may we know what your next plan for $KSC, when and where it will list on DEX or CEX?

Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

This is a fantastic project with great potential. My question is How do you create the dedication and ingenuity of a team with such amazing fan support that the crypto world will envy?

What advantages do you believe you have over other competitors, Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?

Security is the prime focus of investor. Have you completed any audit? Is the platform bug free and safe to invest?

On Your Website you do not mention that you have done any internal OR external AUDIT of your Smart contract, so if you done any AUDIT before, can you tell us the details? And if you don`t, do you plans to review your Smart contract in the near future..??

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