tell us you`re a gamer, without TELLING us you`re

January 30, 2021, 7:35 pm
tell us you`re a gamer, without TELLING us you`re
tell us youre a gamer, without TELLING us youre a gamer

I watch esports for ingame rewards

I once visited Hyrule and had the greatest time kicking chickens !

I enjoy controlling the basic physical actions of a visual fictional character by pressing some plastic buttons.

I still know every map of all Cods and every FH Maps

minecraft is still the best

No life, entitled, escaping reality

Up up down down left right left right B A start

I get disappointed when I break pots and there is no money in it.

The NPC`s in this grocery store are doing nothing for me. Think I`m just gonna mainline it to the cash register and progress to the next level. I`m only really here for the over-powered meat mallet gear anyway! What time do the doors open? (Standing at Best Buy entrance)

Do I get bonus points for having Solitaire open? Sorry, I have to push back telling you till 2022.

I hoard items and never use them, "just in case"

Quarantining was just a continuation of my already present lifestyle

PlayStation is better

When I leave the house I immediately look for a waypoint guiding me to where I need to go.

I spend 6 hours a day at work on the computer using multiple programs, then I go home and do the same thing with only 1 program

My sleeping schedule is beyond inhuman

I dont fight about different consoles

I enjoy a good sea shanty.

ColossusVortex It would be nice to get a xbox.

Last night I was up until 5 in the morning and I WAS NOT having sex

I spend hour behind a screen every day with a death grip on a controller

Life requires putting the right amount of experience in the right attributes

Dragon in another realm

Hope I respawn at home if covid takes me out.

Thats Easy I sit in a chair alone staring in the same direction for hours on end.

Thank you for calling Red Base, this is Private Grif, how may I assist you today?

When I see a random lock somewhere outside, I think I should shoot it. Then I realize I don`t have a gun.

If I see anything shining in the distance I immediately drop to the floor

I play more than just The Sims or Stardew Valley

Hmmmm, I like Character Building Back Stories with Compelling Action along with Life or Death decisions that are nessasary to progress the title forward. How was that for being a Gamer & NOT telling you that I`ve been gaming for over 43 years? None of the deeply true answers to this question are actually funny, and would just trivialize all of the pervasive abuse and toxicity that flows from so many that wear that identity proudly for lols. What is it exactly you were looking for here?

Look! A Three-Headed Monkey!

Not saying I`m a gamer but 31 year under my belt of gaming just saying.

I`ve been a gamer all of my life. It was the friends I`ve made because of them .Some of them are still around some 20+years later. They bring us closer.

I haven`t seen sunlight in 3 weeks

I`ve been working overtime swing-shift so long that i`ve forgotten what a sunrise looks like

got a next gen console should be a good way to say it

i have women issues and that`s okay for now

After 15 years Im about to hit 100k

I`ve been down RainbowRoad

I switch on my TV to watch something and the last used device assumes its next up. when u hear the clorox chime at the end...which they stole from the xbox startup chime!!!!

Borderlands is fun! I`m a gaymer ? I followed the rule lol

Dont make me beat you... and like it

These are my cats, Tex and Griff. They`re named after this Tex and Grif RedVsBlue Halo Im not a gamer, however I have said this statement ironically

Sonic has a rough transition from 2D to 3D

this is all i have to offer :) My hands are both freezing and sweaty at the same time

My computer is worth more than my car

I need to look at my tv multiple hours day to feel sabe and not go into deppression

I got 4 hours of sleep last night

Gotta pick shit ton of narcoberries for the narcotics

Triangle, Triangle , Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up

Ey brou The special word of this day is: TruxgoUpload!

Matchmaking while single.

"Searching for a new Usb C Cable"

I have an Xbox and Im a gamer

But Black Lives Matter right

aUrThuR!!! wE nEeD mOrE MoNeY

I think Ive played a fair amount of vidja games POGGERS I havent seen the sunlight in 8 days. My diet consists of 5 monsters a day and the tub of cheese balls. I masturbate to getting a lap dance at the strip club on GTA. I do not know what the touch of a woman feels like.

Ive died a million times and live a thousand lives

Sorry I cant read your tweet, cant pause multiplayer, only single player

Real true gamers dont use Xbox ;)

I fight mythical creatures, street race, play with magical cards, slay demons, and jump on various platforms to get around every day. It`s a very busy life.

Hes one shot hes one shot!!!!!

I`ve designed flights for Airlines all over the world.

I`ve fought Cerberus and the Reapers and can still calculate THAC0.

I`ve got calluses on the tips of my thumbs

I can no longer afford my hobby and even if I could, absolutely nothing with so much as an hdmi port is in stock

I love GTA V (btw is better haha noob)

What is that thing called when you play a game I am one of those that is all I know

Sat in front of Method and Redman in the Konami booth at E3, and it smelled exactly as you would expect it to.

I escape to interactive fantasy worlds.

My couch has a butt imprint and I suffer with carpal tunnel caused by controllers. Achievement unlocked.

Theres a dent in my hair on top if my head. Everyone sjpuld kniw what that is

Ah! Dammit I forgot to water my flowers

I oppress women and minorities

When I`m not gaming, I`m on discord talking to people I`ll never meet in my life but still creating a strong bond with them.

saves the game 60 times before exiting the game

I struggle to talk to women

Bro!!! Hes One Shot!!!!!!!!

I don`t have time right now I have to go kill a murdering psychopath who slaughtered my best friend`s entirely family using a giant sword called the Masamune...

I have the money to buy an expensive piece of tech, but I literally can`t buy it.

All your base, are belong to us.

Many hours gone! But It was worth it!

I completed a GT5 endurance race..... Before you could save polyphony

Steam sales isnt the name of my boat.

-Last spoke 7 years ago-

My girlfriend hates me.

Rock and stone!! For Karl!

Get yourself sorted, youre up next

All your bases are belong to us!

Ive gone through 8 controllers

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