Tell me something I don`t know @darkroomsgames A trilogy

August 16, 2021, 12:42 pm
Tell me something I don`t know @darkroomsgames A trilogy
Tell me something I don`t know

A trilogy of escape room games Ive created for iOS and Android devices, check it out, its free Cows only give milk when pregnant.

The 2 new levels of

New York was called New Amsterdam until 1664.

Koalas have fingerprints.

My floor is tiled

People who have a strong affinity to learning languages (like English and Chinese) tend to pick up coding faster than people who an affinity to math.

U are a really nice person, Olo

I don`t act my age.

Isn`t it?! Probably gonna write a thread about his story, pretty interesting.

The richest man ever was John D. Rockefeller with a net worth equivalent 320-420 billion USD.

Bet you were not knowing this . Nice to meet you too

no offense but we can`t be friends man...pleasure meeting you

Spongebob be like Bro come on now "something I don`t know"

What would you guess?

Bikini bottom has a fire department

You can hack NASA just using HTML

who are you? (not ur name, nationality, occupation )

Yeah , but almost everything

Atleast we are not over ambitious about the language and miss the fact that in future everything will be done by AI Here is a flutter champion No idea about my first name, but my last name is every Sikhs last name, which means Lion. The female Sikhs use the last name Kaur, meaning Princess.

Tell me something that I should tell.

Every 60 seconds in Africa A minute passes

dart is faaaar better than javascipt

Something you don`t know

Your request is an actual song title.

You don`t know my last name

Elijas isn`t my first name

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