Stupidest thing blackpink got hate for CHART: 1

October 13, 2021, 5:18 am
Stupidest thing blackpink got hate for CHART: 1
Stupidest thing blackpink got hate for CHART: 1. Using iPhones (NEW ENTRY) 2. Breathing in live performance (-1) 3. Eating yogurt 4. Being too synchronized 5. Being global ambassador (-3)

this just in: you cant breathe before a note.bjust suffocate. no breathing

Meanwhile Lisa in the corner endorsing Vivo phone:

How tf the got hate for using iPhone , don`t you see millie bobby brown got hate for using android

YO G U RRT ??? how DARE THEY!!! this goes against the holy principles of Anti-Yogurtism, how could they do such a thing? Disgusting behavior.

How about no.5?? Can someone explain the global ambassador one?

This happens when they ( BLACKPINK) are getting more pride and haters don`t have anything to do

Omgggg frrrrr??? People sometimes are just ughhh

I think there must be an organization or a group of pp that did this. No way an individual can do this alone

For Knetz Blackpink means Problem, idk why

oh god!!! i remember that!! they were like "i thought BP members don`t go on diet"

This CHART need to updates everytime, lol

where`s the crop top?

Why people like this, blackpink not doing anything wrong, in their eyes, blackpink all wrong!!!!

The more hate they get, the more bigger and famous they`ll get. Fighting BP and BLINKS!!

Wait was it because they ate too little or too much?

still unbothered queens

One mistake can ruin everything even eating yogurt lmao

huh? I thought their contract with Samsung expired long ago! why doesn`t knetz seem to know about this, have they never really followed blackpink at all?

Number 2: they were just TOO used to the lip sync

This is a chart that needs to be updated more often

Imagine how jealousy can make antis dumb

Eating yogurt is very stable on the chart

Knetz are the dummys ...

I feel like a lot of people use iphones to flex and more for the fashion reasons coz samsungs are way more powerful

don`t forget "they`re not models, they`re musicians" "they can`t even write their own songs" "their fandom is "toxic" Yogur also have to be hate?

not eating yogurt 6. Just breathing but still charting

LMAO this is so funny af

can they not? we`re tired of microwaved qualitu tiktoks.

They hate them for breathing air. In summary

things haters that are jealous of in blackpink:

you forgot jennie`s nursing outfit. that`s no.4

does other idols use iphones?

Oh gosh. Whats with people nowadays?

get a life people smh

So they can`t eat yogurt now ?!

why is this so accurate?

Bunch of weirdos hahahah i can`t with the Iphone thing. do they not allowed to buy what they want since its their hard earned money.

If you mad, stay we are not alike...

theyre just THAT relevant

no respect on the country`s company but the general population there uses iPhone lol

They hate them for being GA i taught they stan "musicians not model" so what`s their problem like it sounds you also want music with them

I wanna laugh but this is not funny anymore

Breaking their faves record and make a songs that always hit

Breathing in live performance Are people telling this breathing?? THE F we`re breathing every sec. every min. every hour and the whole time dafawk

OMGGGGGG dont forget when Jennie didnt weara mask to take pic outside

This is my favorite one

sometimes i think that these people`s faves are too boring so they try to look for the pettiest things to hate blackpink for stay pressed, haters

gasping for air? Lmao what should she do? Don`t breathe? And that`s how you sing live but your faves can`t

they jump on blackpink every chance they get over the simplest things

Hahahaha. Any other group the fans would be flexing about an iPhone. But of course since its blackpink, using an iPhone is suddenly illegal. (Me - tweeting from an iPhone)

Almost idols probably uses iphones. I think even that group who endorses samsung and use samsung in public has iphone as their spare phone.

must keep this - too classic

And being an IG Queens

Don`t lie they`re just hated for being breathing ...

eating yogurt?! Being too synchronized??????

Maybe they`ve never heard their faves singing live So couldnt understand what`s going on

Why do these people even come from? Lifeless stupids

Can someone explain the Breathing in live performance one

Oh god, they did not!

Wait why the Iphones?

You gotta explain the yogurt to me. Looool

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