Stuck between iphone 12, google pixel or iphone 13

September 21, 2021, 4:05 am
Stuck between iphone 12, google pixel or iphone 13
Stuck between iphone 12, google pixel or iphone 13 ahhh! Camera and battery is most important

Pixel!!! Literally love my pixel. It`s the only phone I`ll ever buy any more.

teampixel hands down.

If you have been an iPhone user, go for the pixel. If youve been an android user, go for the iPhone. Its alway great to try new things.

If you want a great camera a polished OS and a good battery life, Google pixel 6 is the choice you want to make.

Go for 13 and you know how ios is

Pixel for sure...

I`ve had a pixel 3 for 3 years. Yes I need a new phone, but I can say that there have been no cracks on phone or major distributions. I`ve used and abused this phone and the battery only started to got 6 months ago. .. waiting for pixel 6

My suggestion is buying 2, one iPhone and one pixel.

No brainer. Pixel 6 Pro all the way.

Why would you get the iPhone 12?

Stuck ? Go for Landline. For Camera : Get an DSLR For Battery: Get Amron or Exide brand.

Wait for the Pixel 6 Gonna be a badass

Im not happy with iphone12pro battery life. It was very disappointing.

Battery and Camera on Galaxy S last all-day and the camera is on another level..

There are some other night sky pictures in my Twitter line I have taken with the Pixel. If camera and battery are your top priority among other great things then wait for the pixel 6 to come out later in the fall!!

If a good camera is the most important then you will want to get a Google Pixel 6 Pro. Apple`s iPhone 13 has some really cool Photo and Video features while still giving users the same 12 megapixels they`ve done for years. Never print above 5x7 unless you want to get angry.

I think the 13 will have close enough photography. If youre in the ecosystem, stick with Apple if not, give Pixel a go

Pixel 5 or 6 No doubt about it.

camera and battery most important, Samsung Galaxy 21 definitely. If not, Pixel then

Easy choice then. Come to teampixel! Wait for the 6(pro) though. Not much longer.

Clearly it`s the Pixel. iPhone 12 and 13 are nearly identical. Do yourself a favor, get a pixel. You`ll have glad you did

Dont do the pixel!!

which model pixel tho? it makes a big difference

You gotta wait for pixel 6 before making a jump

Just waiting for Pixel to drop. I`ve had an iPhone 12 for 9 months (being an Androidian) and I`m ready to come home. I hate it here

Just wait for Pixel 6 Pro, But as I`m Indian, I`m not getting this in my country even CEO of Google is Indian

google google google!!! come to the light child

camera & battery--- then go for upcoming pixel 6 or 6 pro.. updates , camera battery u will hv no worries

Pixel takes amazing pictures

Sister go with pixel. It will be a huge improvement over the pixel lineup and also it`s a good phone. And we will get updates upto 5 years and more. It`s definitely value for

Choose pixel broo

Go for pixel 6.

sorry google im been my whole life and thats my vote for to choose the iphone 13 pro max. Better camera and battery life with way better service.

I`d wait until that Pixel 6 comes out. It`s going to be a game changer I think.

Pixel! Photos looks way more natural.

For performance and camera I would say iPhone 13 Pro, but would be great to wait how is going to be Pixel 6 this year since Google is offering this time in-house designed processor and how it integrates with Android OS, then compare performance between them...

My baby also 6 h and half average screen on. Iphone 8 plus Another comment, pixel more intelligent than iphone. But still iphone save its cost after 4 years, now u can find pixel 4 with 250-300 $ second handle. My opinion try iphone and try to enter the ecosystem step by step.

I gotta SEE that Google camera 1st bc the processor is going to be the best as far as the camera

I have both of them, screen of iphone is better in quality. Battery same because both of them run the processor with high performance. Iphone more services and accessories than any other company. If do you have google center try google experience by buying pixel.

The pro has 5000mah battery plus the google software makes it incredibly good at battery life

4a 5g. I`m sure the Pixel 6 will blow that away. I hope to get one to find out.

Same here. Inclined towards Pixel 6 as don`t want to leave Android world but most of the Android phones I used ran into hardware issues after 2 yrs, that`s why thinking about reliability is key too. Possibly last chance to Android phone with Pixel

I bought both. Love both for reasons, hate both for reasons. torn

If you want to pay over a grand for a slightly better iPhone 12 with no new features, the same os, and no customization on your own device that you paid for without Apple`s say so, iphone is the choice. Pixels `Material You` design makes this a no brainer

Easy. Pixel. No need to go for the 5 or 6. The 4XL is one of the best phones ever made. Even the 2XL is still a great phone. They just work.

Wait for pixel....or not. Not sure google can optimize their new chip with first generation pixel. But it`s worth the wait I`m sure.

I`ve had a pixel 3a for around two and a half years and I feel like a switch to apple. I feel Apple have more to offer than they did when I bought the 5s at launch compared to other phones, your still paying the premium for the privilege but I`m still going to buy the 13

In my experience, pixel has a better Camara for photos, but in terms of video, Apple is on top, no doubt. But if u do go with pixel, wait for the pixel 6 that will come out next month, and then decide based off that

Pixel 5a. Coming from an iPhone lol.

5a. Save yourself some money.

iPhone 13 always the latest iPhone for the best camera and battery experience. A Pixel will get you pictures like this and my battery lasts well over 2 days between charges on average. id say wait for the pixel, althoug my 12promax has an amazing battery life. I am just an android fan at heart and for past couple years i didnt really like any of the phones released

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is what I got and in my opinion the best. Wait for pixel 6 before anything

Get an honor phone

Pixel 6 is coming out soon, are you in the apple ecosystem, that would be the most important question, if you are not the Pixels are the iPhone of Android, I absolutely love them, I`m currently using a Pixel 5, fantastic product, I would wait and see first what Google brings 6.

Pixel 6 Pro hands down! Should be out next month

Wait and see what the new pixel offers and go from there. I have been bouncing back and forth right now using the iPhone have a love hate relationship with it

Get Canon & Anker

Pixel all day!!! TeamPixel

Pixel 6 in a few weeks. Wait.

Pixel has a better camera, but the iPhone has a better first. Once year 2 hits, Apple will damage your battery however so you`ll buy another one.

Wait and see the real world camera reviews from pixel 6/pro and iPhone 13/pro. Ignore the hype.

If you don`t use MacBook go with pixel

Technology allows for better low lit/night time photos , with the new Super Retina display the screen is 20% brighter outside which helps when taking photos. The battery in the 13 also lasts 2.5 more hours than the 12 so youll be set for the entire day

Wait for the Pixel 6 launching very soon!

Go with Canon if phone/messages are secondary

Id say iPhone 13 for a few reasons. They support macro photography now that the telephoto lens can zoom in 3x farther than iPhone 12. ML technology allows you to develop your personal style which stores the filters youve used for editing, true depth

Wait for pixel 6 pro next month trust me u will be happy with the wait... Then make your decision right Camera and battery screams Pixel.

I have had an android phone after switch from iOS 8 years ago. I love android but getting fed up with 3rd party apps being poor, developers seem to put more effort into apple, it`s easier to develop for one phone rather then 100s. Pains me to say it but might switch.

Either the iphone 13 or pixel 6 both are good. At this point get which ever software u enjoy more.

Battery life on the iPhone 13 is going to be insanely good buy it from somewhere with a good return policy just in case its not good enough for you but its going to be better than Google pixel or iPhone 12

They are all good phones but if you don`t have an iphone; it`s a must haver. Battery is better on 13 and has cinematic.Pixel phone is more of a novelty but it has incredible software and compatiblity with services and hardware like the nest lineup and chromecast which is awesome

Google Pixel all the way with Android :-)

Of you concern about the forget about iphone 12 series

This year I believe pixel 6 pro, even Im iPhone user.

Go with pixel the iPhone should be outta the question looks the same every year

If you`re willing to wait new pixel.

Google Pixel 6 pro! Pixel 5a for photo and battery or wait for the pixel 6 for also better video

13 is the answer

Pixel all the way

Pixel 6 is gonna be the way to go

Battery - Pixel 5a Camera: Photo - pixel 5a Video - iPhone Photo & video both - pixel 6

My Pixel 5a is awesome. Best battery life in a pixel so far.

If battery is important, then definitely not an iPhone

Google pixel 5A for the best battery out of all and camera can hold its own against those big dollar phones.

If camera and battery are the important things then its an easy choice, pixel all the way.

Go for iPhone 13 pro

iphone hardware gr8 spotlite search gr8 restrictions tooo many connectivity with mac and Apple watch gr8

Google pixel tweeting for iPhone

wait for pixel 6

Pixel all day long. Im an iPhone user btw.

We know our vote!

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