Still waiting

June 10, 2021, 7:27 pm
Still waiting
Still waiting

Too stupid All of your digital games even on Apple or Android also follow your account. One exception. If you buy it on Apple it stays there. If you buy it on Android it stays there. No cross saves.

Just looked it up. Looks like your saves are linked to your Nintendo account in the cloud

Understood. How to transfer your save data to a nearby Nintendo Switch I see what you mean. To move games over seamlessly you will have to be a member of that Nintendo Club. Not sure if your saves will follow you without it. Should retain all of your games, but might lose the saves.

@BoneKnightmare And me and the princess JUST got to a 5 rating on animal crossing which took just a much time and patience Like how we flip over phone information when we upgrade, will it be something like that?

Depending on the specs I will get it. If it has better battery life, more storage, higher resolution, possibly 60 fps. A must buy, especially if you can just trade your old one for the new one or keep both.

If Nintendo releases a Switch Pro this year are you buying it?

Nintendo: You will get it when we are good and ready Ms. Pepper.
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