Still not over how Apple picked the ugliest imaginable

June 10, 2021, 3:14 pm
Still not over how Apple picked the ugliest imaginable
Still not over how Apple picked the ugliest imaginable Android phone to demonstrate FaceTime on the web

i mean... The If it works on that it will work on anything philosophy

What phone is that even?

u cant be hotter than the bride

I think this is what a company feels entitled to do when a swarm of bloggers worship them unconditionally. The fact is that today`s lower midrange android phones can give IPhones a run for their money in looks.

Obviously had to be on purpose!

They just wanna show how FaceTime works regardless of any model

What are you talking about? They are both literally rounded rectangles. There`s nothing ugly or beautiful about either of them. It`s just a simple shape.

Apple said Now your friends can FaceTime you on they broke down green bubble poopoo phones

Well at least they didnt call it Samsung s21 ultra I still love android and windows tech.

It has a pixel bottom chin and selfie cutout i haven`t seen in any android phone but has a body of sony phone, and it may have took 2+ years to combine a phone that bad to showcase in front of a fully Black bar no big notch iphone. [email protected] I think it`s to show the capability even with low budget devices...For people out there that would still want to experience the connection

Might be afraid of copyright issue??

this will always end me This makes the Pixel 3XL look good.

They did that on purpose to show how clean the iPhone looks.

Shouldve used Pixel 3 XL. Just as ugly but modern. I think its degrading the fact that android users CANT start a call but only join one if the iPhone user sends the invitation link.. Like wtf make it make sense Apple!

Oh stop being an Android fan girl stop reporting on Apple devices then oh thats right you want those views and likes to make that bread though so that wont happen .

You kidding me. It was a jab and purely calculated After seeing a lot of memes and tweets about this, now I kinda started loving that ugly notch and looking to buy it. Thanks Apple

I`m guessing it`s to show the difference between the two phones, since most smartphones look rather similar now anyways?

Another interesting thing to note here is the size of photo tiles on both devices! Apple doesn`t just advertise software but their hardware too simultaneously!

Maybe its to show that it will be able to run on anything even lower end phones.

Of course. Why wouldnt they lmfao. Also I believe when android users go to the FaceTime link it will look like this regardless of what android device a person has. Apple will make it not aesthetically pleasing for android users.

That`s not far from pixel 3xl though...

i say NOTCH, i think that says it all...

still not over how apple refuses to make a facetime app for android.

Thats to show that it works equally the same on less advanced machines so nobody gets to miss out on anything!

Or they`re not using an Android flagship to create the impression that FaceTime is compatible with a broad spectrum of Android devices But your bias would put you on the defensive

All part of the marketing plan.

how apple sees windows and android users: Half expected them to show Windows running on a 2003 Dell lmao

A lot people buy things because they admire it on others not because of the marketing materials of Apple.

Because most of iPhone users believe in the stereotype, that`s why they don`t care buy overpriced products.

Honestly, whats ugly about it? Its a piece of glass with a metal case. From this angle it looks like every other phone but with a visible camera.

Probably done to avoid any kind of resemblance with any prior or existing Android phone out there. That would be free marketing!

iPhone iconic notch and clean fullscreen with chin is clearly more enchanting and minimalistic. I knew many people who wants the iPhone with the face ID notch.

I just don`t know why they wouldn`t build an app for it if they`re going to the trouble advertising for it on Android.

If apple Make android device in future.. That`s the best they can do..

While hiding the notch one the iPhone while making sure its fully visible on the Android phone

also why didn`t they at least do dark mode theme for the browser and OS?

... that doesn`t even exist.

In OS X Leopard the icon for the PCs in your network was this : I don`t get it. Is this a facetime app for Android?

Doesnt Samsung still use an iPhone with a home button for their commercials?

Choosing beggars Why do these androids exist in the first place??

Just to try show how much betterlooking the iPhone is hahahah

Its not personal. Its just business.

That is just other way of Apple trolling Android Phones

Because they can`t compete with the big guns.

Because android is ancient brah. Their software is forever lacking.

May be, to tell it`s supported on older Android version as well?

Something tells me that was no accident

It`s very clever marketing from them! In my opinion, they`re marketing geniuses!

Umm isn`t that the point they trying to make. Haha look how ugly this i?!?!

How brilliantly they hide the notch on the iPhone by making the background black and intentionally making the android phone look ugly by using white background to make the bezels and notch visible.

Ugly phones need love too.

Same thing when they show a Windows laptop It`s always like an old 200 bucks laptop you know xD

I mean, many Apple users believe that really is the best Android has to offer. My dad refuses to try Android because he thinks it`s still what it was on the HTC Desire. So yea, gotta keep pushing the narrative to keep their base ignorant.

Subtle way of saying its apple or you`re too poor to buy a good phone anyway

Bruh, dis you see that Windows laptop too? Thats hilarious

Well thet had to, so that it looks worse than their prehistoric gigantic notch lol

I said literally the same thing to my friend

I believe it`s called marketing

This money people want to show their phone is better looking than any other old android lol

That android phone was used as an inspiration for new features on ios15

you gotta admit though! ....Android phones are ugly!

Maybe something to do with having image rights to the hardware? Would imagine Google, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. wouldn`t be happy to have their phones advertising an Apple product.

They did it on purpose to make their products look better. Marketing.

ironically no notch on

Point 1: FaceTime can work even in ugliest Android Point 2: First impression after looking at these both iOS and Android, people will definitely be attracted to iPhone Point 3: Apple doesnt want to do some free advertising for other products

I thought the same thing and

Theyre not at the top by making mistakes

Its called marketing they would never put their competition to shine on their own advertising

Just to show how iPhones are beautiful

It had to be a look at this ugly android next to our beautiful iPhone play right?

Still has a smaller notch

they wanted to make themselves look better

Cause if they show a flagship android phone without a giant notch on top and only a camera cutout or pop up it might influence people who have iPhones and hate the notch to change teams.

Cuz they know the competition is cutthroat

Thats Racist bro by Apple

They want to show how ugly Android phone & windows PC are.

What were they supposed to pick, a 2027 Android phone running on MandibleOS?

Wouldnt you? (If you were Apple)

Steve Jobs would approve

I am still yet to find one android phone with a top bezel and bottom bezel with a notch

Its called look at how ugly these non-Apple devices are. Im glad I chose Apple kinda thing.

Now its a fair fight Samsung used a literal drawing when they showed the iPhone 12 pro max so I don`t blame apple there

Ever notice on Apple TV shows the bad guy always has an android. While everyone else owns Apple

Simple. Using even a cheap recent Android phone makes their latest and greatest look outdated

Does this phone even exist?

What would you say is the design of the average android phone 80% of android users have. Not just the tech nerds like us, but 80% of all android users. Id argue the average android phone looks similar to the one used here

Says a lot about their fan base and their thoughts on the intelligence of consumers.

Yeah its true I didnt seen it... but why? Why apple has to do that things . If you want to grow then do hardwork but dont take down others success....

Any one knows which Android phone that is

At least they didn`t tell that it`s like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell. It`s as intentional as the time in their watch and iPhones in the ads and events. Apple

You are just seeing Android as ugly compared to the glorious iPhone! ;-)

Theyve done that for years with iTunes for Windows, its so funny

If Apple puts a phone from a competitive brand, then people won`t be compelled to purchase an iPhone since they don`t have to switch to iOS to access that feature. They`re playing it safe.

Look at those tactile buttons and the chrome section they playing dirty

congratulations for 5 million followers

Its not as if google or samsung dont do things like that lmao

Hiding their own notch as well

That`s not a Pixel 3 XL, though.

make better content or im no longer watching

They made the bezzels make the screen look like it`s from 2017

I love the huge chin and forehead AND the notch. Classic Apple.

that U-notch and thick bezels lmaooo

Make someone look bad so that you could look good

Kinda resembles my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, with the exception of the front cam up top instead of the shooting-my-chin-and-nose-placement. Wait, does Facetime on the Web work upside down? ...

Apple: "To us, all android phones are ugly so it doesn`t really matter."

To show you how ass it can look and you should switch to an iPhone. Now are Android devices terrible looking, not at all. Better than the iPhone. But this is a marketing game and they are trying to say, why jump through small hoops for FT on Android when you can just go iOS.

They don`t want it better than there own phone facetime or everyone will just have a android haha

They will never promote a Samsung phone, might as well be a Google phone

Apple took roasting to a whole new level

They are trying to show how beautiful the iPhone is, which they did great but they should`ve used a Samsung phone instead.

Imagine if they picked Galaxy Fold 2

Looks like some nokia 3.2

I mean they`ve used this icon to represent Windows PCs on the local network for 20 years lol Still better that the notch from 2014

Marketing move. iPhone is supposed to be the good looking phone

Same with the windows laptop

Same thing with Mac vs PC representation in the iTunes download page. I mean of course they did. Would we really expect anything different from They`ve got the whole marketing thing mastered at this point!

The fact that they used an android phone with a notch and a huge chin to defame android phones, man Apple is playin.

So tht apple`s notch doesn`t look ugly enough!

That was probably their whole point

same energy as this still being how a network PC shows up on macOS Apple couldn`t use a decent Android phone because it would look way better than the iPhone next to it lol. Just to make apple devices look more superior and smarter.

AND hid their notch at the same time

Ugliest af but has no notch

Seeing this on my Oneplus 8 Pro

Thank you!!!! Ive been wondering why this hasnt been discussed more. I laughed out loud. Guess they didnt want to put the s21ultra or God forbid the ZFold 2. Way to be aggressive Apple. Is this even a real android phone or just an amalgamation of the worst android phones.

They dont wanna lose customers lol

Jokes on you Marques. That`s the new groundbreaking revolutionary environmentally-safe design of the iPhone 13.

Bcoz they feel all the Android phones are ugliest why try hard to choose better among them

Where`s the notch? They choose the ugliest phone available on the market who cost like 120$.

I`m still shocked they would chicken out like they did essentially making it so that the Android user can never start the call, only join a call an Apple user sent them. How unnecessary is that? Why, if they`re not relying on the Google Play Store and can make it work in browser?

Cause Apple knows their iPhone would look ancient compared to newer flagship Android phones.

It would be dumb not to.

Come on, its gotta be a internal joke inside the marketing team

iPhone was beautiful enough to make us think that marques ;)

Which Android model is that?

And that Android is not even having a power on/off key Only volume rocker!

There`s no easier way to make yourself look good than to make others look bad.

This was what came to my mind first, I was like "how could they", there are better looking andriod devices

Can Apple with android FaceTime each other??

Reality distortion field

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