Still in denial that the @acast listener app is

April 26, 2022, 10:10 am
Still in denial that the @acast listener app is
Still in denial that the listener app is closing. Gutted. What does everyone else use on android to listen to podcasts?

Paid versions do. But I`m sure that there are better options out there.

Haha I know, got the message this morn!

Either YouTube or Spotify.

eugh :( I wouldn`t have known if I hadn`t have seen this. acast was awesome but I guess the reason I didn`t know is also reason they didn`t make it work for them ... you don`t need an account to get full app function so data harvesting and selling is clearly limited.

Is it? Im on iPhone and use Acast, have done for years now. Id rather support an independent platform that does good for the industry!

This is a disaster!

I use Podcast Republic and it works just fine

I like pocket cast and I use the free version

I`m happy with Stitcher.

Pocket casts is good

Castbox is pretty good but the on-screen adverts can get annoying, Podcast Addict is also decent

I`ve tried acast, pocket casts and currently on castbox - tbh I have found all equally frustrating UX wise to the point where I might make my own one

Podcast addict for me

Pocket Casts. Works on iOS and Android.

I use Pocketcasts on my iPhone as its better than the Apple one. Im sure its available for Android too

I`m a big fan of podcast addict but it can be a touch fiddly. If you want something simpler Google Podcasts is mostly pretty good, as is pocket casts (although I think that`s paid for).

Pocketcasts works well for me

I didn`t know this was happening until a notification I just got! Gutted. I haven`t been able to get on board Spotify for podcasts. Now I`m panicking

Podcast Addict has always been good for me

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