Steam page is live this makes me very happy

January 26, 2021, 8:59 pm
Steam page is live this makes me very happy
Steam page is live!! This makes me very happy!

Wishlisted! It looks very charming and visuals/animations look wonderful! I can`t wait to give it a try! Will there be a release date announced soon?

Oo. I haven`t heard of this but it looks pretty awesome!

super cute! cant wait to play :)

Congrats! Wishlisted!

Yoink! Ill be adding Witchery Academy to next weeks update.

It looks so great! (Really, very cute.) When you get around to doing voices I hope you`ll consider my company! Yay, congrats! Well done

oh hey, i saw this on reddit the other day! glad to see it again!

Omg this may become my 4th game I get on my steam account on my own 0.0 this looks fun!

ooo im very excited for this!!

Congratulations! The page is looking awesome! Loving the new logo too!

Congratulations, Bee! We love your game

something for you?

this looks soooo cool!

Are there magical herbs and vegetables?

Woohoo! Congrats!

Congratulations <3 best of luck with the wishlist chase!

It looks great! congrats

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