Spotted: Phantom iOS app in the wild!

November 25, 2021, 5:28 am
Spotted: Phantom iOS app in the wild!
Spotted: Phantom iOS app in the wild! Coming January 2022

Yeah no dawg Im gonna need this like today

Lets freaking gooooo! bhsolbank bhisola

still waiting for vandal wallet tho

Bring it soon We are waiting

Can`t wait hopefully similar to web app and grows to be like

No one will complain if you can release it earlier

But when is Android lol

Android build? I assume this is built using react native?

When you guys dropping your own token? also best solana wallet in my opinion

This will complete my life

Glory now I can stop carry those pc around

And if i go to buy Solana

Finally!!! We are not going to interact with solana dapps are we ?

so no love for android? kekz

Sorry if I missed it already, but will there be an Android app available soon as well?

wen moon?

I needs that! Will there be a dapp browser?

Omg i really need this Imagine this

great. I`ve been waiting for this for quite a while

About friggin time

Meanwhile android users have had it on mobile for months

Why not even a multi currency option? Could be part of future releases

I can not wait. You guys don`t want to work faster?

The solana wallet platform with the biggest commubity deserves to have its token so $WEN $TOKEN ?

woooo its coming out

Is there ledger support

I cant wait phantom this is gonna be a life changer

Android app also soon please

Take your time cuz i rather it be at its best that just be released cuz of demand. Game changer for my situation

LFG. I need 1 Solana wallet across the board to hold my sharks. This is what Ive been waiting for!!! Now Ill use the dapps

Not soon enough! I know you all are doing your due diligence though so I can wait for that.

Hope Android isn`t forgotten!

please let it have a web browser. im trying to hit drops on my phone


This will change my life hate having to get up and go to the pc

can I get the beta and test lol

Excited!! What about android?

Stoked !! Lets gooooo!!!

Genuine question why do they get it first?

good luck with your project!

$Ceek will be listed on 3 major exchanges

something new for an apple user myself lol

just in time for the bear I mean bull market

go eat some turkey kalani

better late than never

what model iphone is that? screen quality is not the best.. i think someone sold you a knock off iphone12

Lets goooo gotta show everyone my NFTs while Im around town

then i can see my sexy on my phone

Woooohhoo! Finally LFG

should be everyones first purchase! QUACK QUACK! Long waiting is end on january 2022

Is the Phantom token airdrop on the cards too???

Absolute gas dude minting on my phone lfg

Why does this person own such little $SOL? Let`s beef up that wallet!

Hopefully android soon too

Yes its coming soon Amazing, I am waiting long time

When phantom coin! Lol.

ah the marketplace tab

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